Swu171 db#5 G

  1. Although my clients have not exhibited any signs that they may be having some mental problems, the situations and the human development phases they are undergoing are predisposing factors of mental illness. At the age of 65 years and struggling to get Tony’s paternity corrected, Mrs. Harjo is susceptible to despair. As for Tony, he is at that phase of life where he needs to find an identity. The death of his mother, low grades at school, and the risk of being barred from playing for freshman baseball team expose him to the risk of trauma and mental illness. Services of a psychiatrist would help avoid any possibilities of mental disorders in my clients. Therefore, the intervention of mental health care is crucial for my clients.
  2. Based on the challenges he is currently facing as an adolescent, Tony is vulnerable to drug abuse. He is too young to withstand stress and likely to indulge in a practice that would help in reducing the negative emotions, even if temporarily. Taking drugs such as bhang and alcohol would make him feel better. As a social worker, I would hold a conversation with Tony and request him to mention the help he needs. I would then counsel him and take him to a drug rehabilitation center.

Mrs. Harjo seems responsible. She takes care of her grandson, visits her father, and has a garden which she tends. Additionally, Mrs. Harjo has no history of being irresponsible. Therefore, she is not at risk of abusing drugs. I would advise Mrs. Harjo to avoid any temptations of taking drugs irrespective of the challenges she is facing. Also, I would prepare her psychologically to cope with her grandson’s vulnerability to drug abuseand the dangers of drug addiction. In the event Tony becomes addicted, I would educate Mrs. Harjo on how to talk with him, and where to seek help.

  1. The salient health/mental ethical issue likely to affect my case study would be suggesting a psychiatric examination for my clients. My clients could take my proposal negatively, and this would adversely affect our relationship. To avoid this challenge, I would explain to them that the examination is for their good and it is not for confirming that they have mental disorders.
  2. My question regarding this week’s module material is: “What strategies should social workers employ to make clients speak freely and honestly about their predicaments?”


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