System Development Life Cycle


Problems that would account for systems failures include poor development methods, incorrectly specified system requirements, failure to involve internal audit in SDLC and not engaging the user in the development of the system (Hall, 2015).

The reason includes hurrying in selecting as well as implementing the project, and thus crucial facts are partially analyzed or ignored. These unchecked areas may create a bottleneck in the SDLC as well as increase the time and costs. Another factor may be the lack of a well-documented as well as proper estimation method to that (Hall, 2015). Delay in the arrival of the hardware also contributes to this.   Stages in which underestimates are most dramatic include debugging the program.  In most instances, data conversion to the new system from the old one takes longer time than anticipated. Besides, systems rushed in the analysis stage often require more maintenance owing to demand by unsatisfied users (Hall, 2015).

The SDLC need to be carried out but in a modified form. Before settling on the final package, the firm needs to establish its system requirements as well as take into account possible alternatives (Hall, 2014).

Post-implementation review is conducted by independent systems personnel and regardless whether an external firm was hired to develop the system or the system was developed internally (Hall, 2014). Post-implementation review is normally performed after a period of live running that is few months after the completion of the project to enable the user to adjust to the system.

  1. Announcing a New Information System


To: Roger Moore, AJAX’s CIO

From: George Jones, Director of Internal Audits

Date: February 6, 2019

Subject: Reaction to the newly proposed Accounting system to be implemented

Following your announcement letter informing us of the steps you have made to ensure the implementation of the newly proposed accounting system, there are several issues as well as concerns that arise from your action and plan and that need the immediate address for the project implementation to be successful and of value.

Firstly, the decision to ignore users from t

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