System Thinking

Response to Question One

Using system thinking is of advantageous to the organisations as it helps administrators to create and add value to their operation in various ways. Administrators have a new way to approach complex problems in the organisation and find a complete solution for them. It gives them skills and ability to approach any problem and ensure that a permanent solution is found. Secondly, they can uphold integrity and ethics in their administration to ensure that strategic plans and objectives are met. Moreover, they will also have excellent interpersonal behaviour with other employees and also learn to communicate and listen to each employee. As a result, they will be able to have strategic planning and risk-taking skills which is essential in the administration. Further, system thinking can help administrators to pull together new knowledge and implement the great recommendation in the organisation. Generally, system thinking is essential in ensuring that the organisation achieve its objectives.

Response to Question Two

Competency in healthcare administration have some various aspects of themes that relate to skills in one way or another. The values of healthcare administration comprise of integrity and ethics which requires skills to administer. Similarly, cognitions as another aspect of competency also consist of the thinking and problems solving which is an essential theme in the administration, and it requires specific skills to execute. Administrators also need skills to help them in maintaining interpersonal behaviour with other employees.  As a result, they will be able to communicate and listen to each employee that promote the spirit of tolerance and respect between the administrators and the employees in an organisation. Lastly, the success of the organisation also lies in the administrators’ skills in changing orientation to ensure that they have strategic planning and take risks for all the activities of the organisation.