T.CO Donuts and Coffee Company

T.CO Donuts and coffee company, a café retailer, located in Indonesia specializes in making and delivering some beverages and snacks that include; donuts, coffee and frozen yogurt (J.CO Donuts & Coffee).  The café business is well suited in offering top-quality Italian coffee and chocolate beverages. The company has a wide variety of exceptional, innovative donuts totaling 32 in number. Their donuts stand out to be the best in terms of quality as they are; baked from superior quality imported ingredients such as Californian almonds, Japanese matche green tea and Belgian chocolates (J.CO Donuts & Coffee). This makes the donuts light to taste and extraordinarily sweet. The company which began trading in 2005 has been expanding to grow into a donut and coffee chain restaurant in Southeast Asia with over one hundred stores in Indonesia, three in Singapore, two in Shangai, China and eight in Malaysia.

The company is, however, facing a challenge in their stores that arises from the long queues especially during the peak hours. The queues become overwhelming to the customers as it can take them over one hour to buy two to four dozen donuts (J.CO Donuts & Coffee). T.CO therefore urgently needs to come up with a strategy that will minimize the queues which arise from the long waiting hours. The cycle time spent to line up, purchase goods and walk out of the store by the customers should be addressed at the soonest possible time to reduce customer frustrations in their experiences with the store. Despite the top quality of T.CO’s beverages and donuts, the company is still highly criticized because of the waiting time and long queues, especially on social media platforms. The problem, therefore, is that of demand and supply whereby the demand for the restaurants’ products is high by the customers while it is time-consuming for the staff of T.CO to adequately supply the products to their customers.


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