Ta-Nehisi Coate

Ta-Nehisi Coate is a united state author, a comic book writer and majorly a journalist based at New York Times. He is known for writing the best-selling comic book known as the Black Panther and the crew. Coate gained large traffic of readership during his era when he was serving as the national correspondent at the Atlantic. Coate wrote an article that sparks emotions on cultural, political and social matters, mostly regarding African Americans and the white supremacy. His essay the first white president has attraction a lot of attention. Coates pictures a reality that is vividly familiarized by the majority of the people of color, something that is not entirely clear for white people. The paper, therefore, strives to agree and defend that which Coate wrote.

The key idea behind the essay is that president Donald Trump has openly moved racism from inoffensive and deniable to the particular and freely claimed ideology. With the presidency of Donald Trump, Coate recaps everyone that the culture of whiteness is not something inherent instead it is a flame that ought to be constantly rekindled. He terms it as a bloody heirloom that is passed down to the next generation of like-minded individuals. Coate believes that trump presidency is a way to promote the near fading culture of whiteness and that it is neither notional nor symbolic but rather the real purpose of his power.

To defend his article Coate notes that trumps have made disavowal of Obama’s heirloom the underpinning of his own. The principle reason why he refers to trumps as the first white president is that trumps political presence entirely hangs on the fact of a black president. In his writing, Coate claims that the culture of whiteness is promoted by upholding racial difference as a factor that is central to society and that whiteness is more often than note characterized as not being black.

Additionally, Coate draws on history to drive his point by saying that back in the day when blacks were forced to work for the whites there was very limited racial hatred. However, as time flies a treaty emerged allowing the current people of color to have to have the same and equal privileges. This elevated the blacks to a level that they were not to be seen as slaves again but rather as equals. However facts remain that the dignity that came with the culture of whiteness was humiliated by this move of equality.as a result over the years there has been the panic of the emerging white slave where white use fellow white as laborers. To those who thrive in whiteness, white slavery is a sin, and black slavery is something natural however much white are still viewed as superior to blacks. The writer believes that white people are the ones who created identity politics based on the analogy that blacks’ lives did not matter at all.

Trumps outward racism and that of his supporter was the fueling factor behind his rise in power. Coates firmly denies the idea that trump ascended to power as a result of economic reversal and cultural resentment. The writer says that the fact that majority openly claim that whiteness was the contributing factors that brought them Donald trump is evidence enough that whiteness is a looming danger to not only the country but also the world.  The writer further says that whites tend using the principle of escapism to make them feel superior. He says that escapism creates room for no more profound empirical estimation.

A good example is how nonprofit sectors use the same strategy in addressing the needs of society. The nonprofit industry has been slow and drags addressing key issues relating to the racial nature of systematic inequality. The writer believes that capitalism which is the core basis of president trumps leadership is a form of exploitation to the minority who are oppressed.

To further defend his article Coate says that the latitude of Trump’s obligation to whiteness is harmonized majorly by the profundity of widespread disbelief in the power of whiteness. The writer additionally says that Truth is all politics around the world are based on identity politics except for white politics. Coate claims that the Republican Party over the years has been openly known on its stand to support racism since the civil rights era. They have been using racism has a dividing factor to thrive in the political platform. This has helped them in their quest to drive many votes in favor of Donald Trump. With trump ascending to power people majorly the white people have started to see the real picture of misusing power. Blacks have been victims of the effect of power misuse, and this is not new to them, unlike white who have ridden on it for decades now. Trumps is out to test the limits of his power in office, and by so doing he has proven that power is very suicidal. Many whites are starting to view him as a dictator in the making.

Not only did Coate refer to President Donald Trump as the first white president in America, but he also termed him as the most dangerous president. According to Coate, the real danger is those who are way too naïve to correctly carry out analysis and see the clear picture that comes with trumps presidency. This is because they are all implicated in the danger. Majority of Donald trump followers are people who still yearn for the old days when white supremacy way hailed and praised. Most people feel that with the growing enlightenment of the people of color, the white people will have no voice in America. These are people who thrive in the plight of the minority group.

In conclusion, I believe that Coate is right when he says that the culture of whiteness is the sole factor behind President Donald Trump rise in power. However, despite trumps racial claim such as deport lazy African back to their country, Trump is not that bad as a person. Trump has a right side too. Since ascending to power, the economy of united states has risen drastically. The number of African American who are unemployed has dropped from 7% to 6.8% and is projected to keep cutting. Trump has been able to curb the issues of illegal immigration, and the number has fallen too. Has a leader, trump should focus in mending bridges and trying to solve historical injustices faced by people of colors. For instance, trump should stand firm and advocate for black life matter. Additionally, he should work and amend the treaties of the Lakota people and serve them justice.

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