Takata Company

Product demand life cycle is the stages through which commodities pass through after being produced. A product demand life cycle can either be long or short-lived depending on the views of individuals consuming the product. Some of the stages of the product life cycle include introduction, growth, maturity, and the period when the product begin declining in the market. This context, therefore, focuses on the challenges that a company faces, decisions made by leaders of the company, and the outcome such decisions have in group dynamics. As such, this paper seeks to focus on Takata Company, whose main area of specialization is production of airbags to ensure safety of people in cars.

Takata Company is currently being faced with a significant number of challenges. One of the setbacks is the decision on whether airbag was considered when buildinga car. Such cases have severe impacts on cars that were manufactured before the issue of airbag became one of the major factors under consideration when one is purchasing a car. This is because most of the buyers went for features like the power, seat capacity, boot, and value of resale. In other nations, for instance, India most people considered the distance the car would cover and the fuel consumed when buying cars. As a company, Takata had failed since it did not created good collaboration among their customers to find out what they actually wanted. This is due to the fact that when it came to safety features on cars, most of the buyers did not considered them,and, hence, car manufacturers and sellers hardly worried themselves about the issue of airbags when it came out. On the other hand, most of the buyers were not willing to add extra cash for the additional features like safety measures in cars. This is because they did not considered them to be of any use. In order to acquire a better market, the company should have gone to the market first, identified different buyers, and try to find out what they needed, and features they expected in the car. For instance, in this case, Takata Company was all about safety measures, therefore, they should have explained the need to be safe when driving a car to change customers mind. Through this, therefore, the company would be able to convince car manufacturers to install their products as they were a necessity to passengers.

Another case is the car’s safety in relation to the legal perspective. As it is known, most of the accident occurs due to various reasons which makes it difficult for manufacturers to come up with safety measures that can control all possible risks that result in an accident. As such, there is the need to device car control systems that deals with how a driver can steer a car when in a high speed, different terrains, under various traffic conditions, and the age of the car. It is worth noting that however keen the driver, is there is always the risk of an accident to occur. This hence shows that no matter the training that is done to drivers andsafety features added to vehicles, there are unpredictable factors that result in accidents. This was an opportunity for Takata Company to make extra cash since car manufactures wanted to ensure that people purchasing their brand of cars were safe, and, thus, in case they needed new cars, they would go for their model. As such, the company instilled confidentiality among car manufacturers through the provision of devices that would help in the improvement of car control. As a result, there was an increase in the number of people purchasing vehicles installed with Takata products, since they felt safe when driving such cars.

Over the past, a high number of car accidents on the road resulted in an increased need for safety measures. This is since there was always a question when it came to the safety of people in the cars; which was the responsibilityof manufacturers. With increased advancements in technology, most cars can comfortably accommodate more passengers and move at high speed on different terrain. Further, there is increased automatic control in cars to assist the driver when driving a car. With all these additions, the car is more comfortable and safer to the driver andpassengers. As a result, there was an increase in the number of people purchasing their cars since they did not have to worry about safety as most of the car systems were automatic. In this case, therefore, we tend to see creative abandonment practice by Takata Company. This is where the company projected more on increasing its resources by funding its research team to come up with various ideas on how to make cars secure and saferto people, thus causing consumers to be less worried when driving their vehicles. On other hands, they managed to secure a vast market for their products among many car manufacturers.

Airbags, on the other hand, were significantly developed on an advanced level. On common instances, in the case of an accident, travelers were likely to injure their heads against the metal part of the car, which would be quite fatal as one would get severe head injuries. With airbags, therefore, they act as cushions that prevent one from rapidly hitting the dashboard or the steering, thus helping occupants to evade serious injuries. This ensured honesty with companies that built vehicles since there was the maximization of the profit as most ofthe people purchasing cars adopted the idea and felt it was necessary as it reduced the accident’s impact. However, one of the outcomes that the company failed to notify car manufacturers was health effects that were associated with airbags. Rapid filling of the airbags results in hearing problems whereby one becomes less sensitive to noise. As such, there was a fall in the number of people purchasing cars with airbags since they did not want complications in their health. This was a failure to Takata Company that led to reduced profits and a lot of loss as most of the manufacturers declined their products. For this case, the company should have informed car manufacturers of health issues associated with airbags to gain their complete honesty, and try to come up with the remedy that would not affect consumers.

It is worth noting that airbags were rendered useless in their first trial due to their low response to safety. As such, Takata Company came up with proper ways through which they would make the lives of occupants in the car safeto increase the number of personsin support of their work. Further, leaders of the company went ahead to encourage workers to advance more on producing quality airbags even though they have failed. This instilled confidence in the team, thus enabling it to come up with various ideas since they saw that their leaders believed in them.  As a result, the company was able to come up with a safety belt which worked well with the airbags. It enabled them to expand their productions and operations to other countries all over Europe. This mostly happened in areas where cars were highly produced due to increased demand as the two worked effectively. As a result of a significant level of the company’s expansion, there was an increase in the production of airbags that led to high profits that they made.

Apart from the fact that Takata Company was built on a mission “to have a world in which there was rare or no cases of traffic accidents that were fatal to people,”which it ought to accomplish. It went further to illustrate how it viewed the life of every individual using a car important and hoped to have a community that recognized and respected human life. The work of the mission in an organization is to illustrate how every person working towards it should know what he or she is supposed to do to the better quality of the expected outcomes. For instance, the case of Takata Company, the firm aimed at ensuring that there were the minimal number or no people injured at all when an accident occurs. This helped the company to design airbags, safety belts, and automated controls for car manufacturers to ensure that cars being purchased were safe for the people.  This, therefore, made the teams working for the company to produce high-quality commodities so as not to harm consumers. As such, most consumers who wereactually car manufactures ended up purchasing safety measure commodities from Takata Company resulting in huge profits being realized by the firm.

Another thing that leaders consider when it comes to their teams is evaluating their performance. This is to highlight what they want to achieve against their performance goals. Takata Company comes in this situation where some of the vehicles they had supplied airbags with were recalled as most of them were faulty. It is worth noting that almost 14 different automaker cars were brought back to their manufactures as they required replacement in their frontal airbags, either on the passenger’s side, driver’s side, or on both sides. This was like a tragedyto the company as it resulted in increased losses and at the same time a decline in the number of customers of Takata Company, as many cars were recalled. As such, it is quite clear that the company should be quite keen on the production of its merchandises so as not to repeat the mistake. Supervisors of the companyshould remind members more often such incidents to ensure that they do not happen again by overseeing the work done to guarantee it is perfect. Moreover, the company should try to bring new ideas in the fitting of airbags in order to regulate the issue, thus making sure that they work well.

For a team and its leaders to work well, there should be an environment where all parties are allowed to give their views. As such, team members should be vocal and not afraid to talk of what they think of their services. From the report given, it is clear that Takata Company was aware of issues related to the airbags, but it did not bother to inform concerned authorities nor did it notifiedcar manufacturers. This is because the company did not contemplate that the problem would be fatal and result in significant harm to its consumers. However, the truth came out which haunted the company as their products were not well installed, and, instead, endangered passenger’s life. This, yet, would not have happened if members of the team were developing airbags communicated to their leaders, and informed them not to release the airbags to the market since they would have harmful effects on consumers. But since they never conversed about the issue, leaders went on with releasing fault airbags. As such, this case resulted in two deaths and 30 injuries in Honda vehicles in 139 cases that were reported. This was not good since Takata Company lost most of its consumers as they regarded their commodities to be of less quality and not rendering safety as required.

In conclusion, both leaders and the people in an organization need to work together to come up with results that are effective. When working as a team, there is a significant improvement in the productivity and quality of the merchandise that is being produced. Further, cooperation, in this case, means that people in the company are willing to listen to each other as ifthey are in the same level and try putting each person’s idea into consideration before making the final decision.

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