Takeaways in Online Gaming

Online gaming is the use of available computer resources or the internet to play games. The rate at which online computer gaming is happening is sky-rocketing. Online gaming has got its advantages and disadvantages. However, its drawbacks surpass the advantages. There exists no specific policies and legislation concerning the online learning prevalent (Assignment, “Ethics-Online Gaming”).

Online learning has got unethical issues. These issues include moral decadence, abuse, addiction, ratings and exposure to violence. However, these issues compounded with online gaming challenges could be curbed through measures such as monitoring the kind of games being played by kids, moderating playing time, playing physical games and avoiding MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

Learners should seek for an alternative method to manage pressure at their learning institutions, psychological struggles, depressions and family issues other than online gaming. Besides, instead of online gaming, individuals should consider more appropriate ways of spending leisure. An excellent example is engaging in body fitness exercises.

My Learning Outcomes

I learned that Online gaming promotes vices such as moral decay and laziness. Therefore, I shall avoid video games and if necessary, limit my gaming time. Alternatively, I should mostly concentrate on physical games to eradicate health disorders associated with poor body exercise. On the other side, I learned advantages associated with Online gaming such as promoting skills of multitasking, mental development and quick decision making among the learners. Children should be discouraged from video gaming that is longer in hours as it promotes laziness and time wastage (Assignment, “Ethics-Online Gaming”).

What were the Impacts?

My learning experience has made me understand better methods of handling my younger siblings and manage their time. I have decided to commence body exercises with my siblings instead of wasting time glued to movies and online games. Young Siblings’ performance is likely to start improving as they can appropriately concentrate on their studies.  Finally, I have strategized on the best ways to improve my career performance as I can appropriately manage my time.

My Understanding from Ethical Issues Learning Experience

Ethical issues are the situation which puts an individual or organization between making two options where one is unethical(wrong) while the other one is ethical(right). I have learned the various impacts whether positive or negative associated with online gaming. However, the unethical issues have by far outweighed the ethical side. The ethical issues of violence as a result of poor competition, playing extremely graphic videos that are highly rated and addiction are among the impacts of online gaming. Besides, online gaming leads to abuse among players and an increase in moral decay as the highly rated video games may contain scenes involving sexual, rough and bloody scenes which may motivate players to emulate them. It is a lesson not only to an individual but to the entire society to consider and follow these ethical issues to the latter (Assignment, “Ethics-Online Gaming”).

What will you do differently?

As a parent or guardian, I would discourage the use of online games to my children and instead encourage them to substitute them with a physical exercise. I would also sensitize society against online gaming. Regulating of online games starts from the administration; thus I would approach the local authorities such as chiefs and sub-chiefs to set stern rules against them. I would urge them to conduct regular inspections in the areas to make sure total abolishment of online games. I would be regularly taking my children to gyms and cross-countries to keep their body fitness in check.

My Future Responses to IT related to Ethical Dimensions after Newly Acquired Understanding

Various Information technological situations entail an ethical dimension in society. Some of these situations include watching movies, social websites (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and snapchat) and mobile phones among others. Despite both social media and movies being a source of entertainment and leisure, they pose a risk of unethical practices. Their negative impacts on society are more or less the same as in online gaming. Some of the unethical practices associated with them include moral decadence and addiction. I would limit the time for my children’s watching of movies and socialize in the social media platforms. Besides, I would regulate the kind of movies and internet sites being accessed by my young siblings. The regulation would control cases of sexual abuse and violence. These steps would further enable the young to have enough time to concentrate on their studies while minimizing social media addiction chances.

What would influence your career?

My career would be influenced by social media platforms and mobile phones which are factors of Information Technology. I am a fan of movies and Facebook thus spends most of the time chatting both through social media platforms and telephone. These factors have led to my addiction to some degree and limited time for my scheduled exercises whereby, sometimes being forced to alter my schedule. There is a probability that social media platforms and mobile phones may affect my occupation significantly if proper actions fail to be undertaken.

My Career Influence from this Course’s Lessons

With the current measures listed in the course to curb social media addiction platforms and mobile phone addictions, there is a high chance of managing the disorders. Consequently, I am likely to manage my time more appropriately. Also, I am likely to undertake more body exercises as scheduled and as it is widely evident that body healthiness is transferred to my occupation. However, in case I continue with the social media and mobile phone addictions, there is a high chance of my work performance deteriorating.

What new IT Ethics challenges exist?

With increased technological advancements, ethical issues are likely to rise. Some of these Information technology challenges include Digital divide, increased pressure on IT experts, copyright infringement, privacy issues and security. Security challenges involve security bridge by malicious computer hackers while copyright infringement involves the sharing of another party’s music and movies without their authorization.

With the continuing trend towards globalization and other emerging trends, what specific  challenges are likely to erupt due to  ethics in Information Technology

The digital divide is among the main problems likely to face ethics in IT. This is a challenge mostly facing developed countries as it creates division between areas enjoying benefits of IT and the ones without due to lack of factors such as power. Another IT ethics challenge is the increased pressure on IT experts. The IT experts are mandated to ensure accuracy and availability of technology systems as they run for long hours. The insecurity is another issue which involves malicious unauthorized individuals accessing illegal information and manipulating it to their interest.



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