Target Consumers and Competitors for a Carnival

Target Consumers and Competitors for a Carnival

Nigeria boosts to have the largest estimated population in Africa. Its population is estimated to be nearly 250 million. Our ideal target consumers are between the ages of 5 and 90 who are estimated to be slightly over 200 million. From the previous Carnival events, the target consumers are typically both male and female, who include children, the youth and the old. All these consumers are further categorized into three and include; day trippers who regularly attend the event during the day and don’t stay for overnight. The overnighters who spend no less than two nights at the event and residents who travel from every corner of Nigeria to come and watch the entire cultural festivals. These target customers have wide-ranging of disposable income. Some of them are school kids, college students, and the working force; hence that’s why they have a wide-ranging source of their disposable income.

Our ideal focal day of focus in the course of the event will be Durbar at night. On this day, we will target the working class and the nearly employed youth who have higher disposable incomes. These set population of our two target groups is estimated to be almost 180 million people. Out of the 180 million people, our primary focus will be 3% of them who will total to nearly 6 million people. To fully leverage on all the achievements of this Carnival festival to all our target groups, we should craft a reward system which promotes our ideal target population.

Competitive Forces

For sure, Nigeria is home to nearly 250 million people; thus, the country is home to every entrepreneur’s dreamland of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and by extension, Africa and the world at large. From the stunning Eyo to White Masquerade festivals that honors Oshun, the river goddess, Nigeria is considered Africa’s greatest festival country. Most people across Nigeria and the world at large flock to such events held across Nigerian boundaries. The main reason that most people do participate in them is the religious art, music, indigenous folklore, history and cultural heritage of Nigeria. Therefore, Carnival festival faces high competition from the following kind of events; Ofala festival, Eyo festival, Lagos Carnival, Osun festival, Sango festival, Ojude Oba festival, Carniriv, Argungu Fishing Festival, and New Yam festivals.

Despite having numerous such festivals in Nigeria, Carnival stands out of the rest since it has incredible performances than the rest. Its celebrations have so much creativity and culture that is blended with both modern and traditional lifestyles of people who come from Cross River State. They equally attract more audience than the rest since they have beautiful colorful costumes. Long feathered headdresses, mesmerizing dancers, attractive bands and street parades. Okhma that hosts marketing rights of Carnival has aggressively used social media buss and technology to create awareness across all the age sets of the importance of taking part in such a festival. Carnival festival thus is the best-marketed festival in Nigeria, and that is why it has the highest number of people in attendance than the rest. Finally, the Carnival festival stands out from the rest because it is being held during the holiday festivals. It allows so many people attending since they have enough time to take part.