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Target Market and Positioning Strategy Analysis


Consumers prefer to use products that are green seal certified. Simple Green embraces Green Seal standards thus gaining the confidence of customers. The product has zero phosphates making it unable to cause eutrophication. The non-toxic feature means that there is no hazardous health damage from exposure to Simple Green. Besides, the product does not have a dangerous effect on ecology. Another feature is that Simple Green is readily biodegradable. Consumers will benefit from using the product since it is non-persistent in the environment. The dilutable concentrate feature enhances the efficiency and versatility of the product. Based on independent lab test and field use, Simple Green has better performance.

Simple Green face stiff competition from Evergreen Windshield washer fluid and Kristall Klar washer fluid; however, due to its differentiating features and packaging, the product is still competitive in the market. The packaging of the product is reduced via concentrates. The new proprietary spray bottle gives expanded label space for more information about the product. The Simple Green logo on the outer edge of the bottle strengthen the presentation of the brand and encourages bottle reuse. The advanced trigger spray technology makes cleaning with the Simple Green easier compared to competitors’ products. The all-plastic trigger makes the product lighter and reduces the content of the resin. With the door former option in the nozzle, consumers can distribute the cleaner either as a standard liquid spray or foam. Simple Green considers the consumer policy and the Good Housekeeping Seal promises a refund or replacement in case of a defect product within two years of purchase. For instance, when a customer calls that the trigger has failed, the company ships a new trigger to them. Moreover, if the consumer is not 100% satisfied, the product is backed by the manufacturer’s money back guarantee.



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