Teachers’ Field Interviews

Teachers’ Field Interviews


The study interviewed teachers from Foster Elementary because of its convenient location in San Diego, California. The first respondent is a professional with vast experience in consultation by the name X. X is actively involved as a psychologist with students from all the grades in the school. Consequently, she has five years experience in the field of psychology during her time in the school. Y is the second respondent and is a general education teacher at Foster Elementary. She teaches the second grade students and has been in the school for two years. Lastly, the special education teacher currently teaches K-5 and goes by the name Z. In the last three years, Z has taught in different subjects including a stint as a resource specialist.

School Website

Foster Elementary: www.sandi.net/foster

Question 1: Training and Consultative Focus

Z responds to the question by detailing that she undertook classes related to models of school consultations while in her graduate school. In the course of these classes, strict supervision was guaranteed from relevant tutors especially in the fieldwork activities. Also, skills in the subject of consultation have been bolstered through her participation in different seminars that have been focused on the prospects of consultations. Most of these seminars were held after the completion of X’s coursework.

Y, however, was not able to respond to this particular question despite being a general education teacher. The reason for the lack of response is attributed to her lack of understanding of the question being asked. Eventually, it was impossible to collect information from Y regarding the possibility of any prior training.

The last respondent, Z, alludes to her education credentials including her master’s degree in Special Education. In addition, the acquisition of

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