Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Assistive Technology

Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Assistive Technology

“Perceptions of Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments Regarding Assistive Technology: A Follow-up Study to a University Course”

The article aims at identifying the knowledge that the participants to a study have after completion of a course in this relation. The research questions focused on establishing whether the proficiency levels changed, the teachers’ perceptions of the importance of using the devices and whether they sought additional training after the course.

The participants were recruited from among 136 students that had previously undertaken a course regarding assistive technology. Follow-up surveys were sent to 92 students, and 60 of them responded. 49 completed the survey upon the response. The participants involved with the course had been required to pre-test and post-test their skills. During the survey, they were required to rate their skills and importance of certain assistive technologies.

The results of the survey indicated that a formal assistive technological course would help teachers in improving their skills regarding this issue. The teachers are also more likely to seek additional training if they thought a certain technology is important in the educational setting.

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