Technology Advancement


Technology has advanced over the years and day in day out it continues to develop even better. Technology has rapidly turned out to be fundamental in everyone’s daily lives worldwide. Technology has become universal because it is also used in developing countries. Innovations are being done daily. Therefore this means s that there is no way that one could avoid technology it is only upon the people to use it wisely so that it may not end up destroying lies yet it is supposed to build.  Technology seems to have been taken advantage of since there are so many inventions. Even if technology has its positive effects, the adverse effects overshadow them significantly.

Impact of technology on personal, family, societal, business-related relationships has affected the culture of these relations significantly. When these changes occur people, hardly notice until the situation has gone out of hand. Over the past few year technologies has slowly grown to be the central roles of relationships resulting in a few insecurities. Evaluating the paper, we get to understand how technology affects relationships on a personal, family, social and economic level and what can be done to ensure that it is beneficial only.

Impacts of Technology on Personal Relationships.

You can look at someone staring at their devices and have the thought that these people are antisocial; however, that is not true. They are social; it is just that they socialize differently. The fact that technology is altering how people used to communicate is not a bad thing after all change is inevitable. First, the advantage of technology on relationships is that it provides interaction even when far away. It is not all the time that people will available to have face-to-face interactions. However, with technology, it has made this very possible.

Despite the distance, the time, whether or obstacles, communication is still possible. Earlier on one would tend to be worried when they shift from their hometown, transfer to another school, or get a new job that they will not be able to reach out to their friends as they used to.  However, technology has enabled this constant communication. It is ultimately true that those who use technology often are the typical users of public spaces like the Cafes. As well, technology helps create more close ties. Constant communication is the key to secure bonds. In some way or the other technology strengthens the relationships.

Technology has brought many scientific advancements that assist everyone in his or her personal life and relations. However, the technology comes with a price too. Many are the time that individuals spend most of their time on their phones laptops tablets and so many others. This completely cuts them off from the outside world. It even seems like the world outside their gadgets has come to a halt. With this kind of actions then one is likely to become very addicted to technology.

Addiction means you cannot do without it. What if the lights go out for some time what if you shift to an area with poor connection those are the kind of questions that run in a person’s mind. If this happens, then it means that their life will not be okay they cannot adjust to anywhere without their gadgets. This addiction comes along with so many challenges. In case the devices fail, this will impend stress on the addicted user. It may cause severe mental damage to the user. It may reach a point that they will have to seek medical attention, to overcome the challenge. It is imperative to ensure that technology is used wisely and when necessarily needed.

Impact of Technology on Family relations

With technology, it is easier to plan for a family day out. Have fun with your family on weekends go for a movie and so much more. Having these kinds of moments makes the relationship of family member stronger than ever.  Most times children find themselves going to get their higher education or work somewhere far away from their parents. However, most parents are at ease these days they can video call their children and see them even if not physically they can talk give them advice and so on.

When probably the child is away and either his or her parent falls ill one can quickly book a flight back home take a train or call an uber and be there when their loved one needs them the most. These actions make the bond between them more rigid because it shows they are loved. Technology has also made it easier for parents to mend broken relationships with their kids. In that, there are apps advice on what to do when this happens people share their experiences online and what they have done to solve it, and this comes in handy to most of them. A recipe on how to cook are uploaded each day. A good meal brings people even closer. Families have also been able to put up home security systems that help them live their lives in peace. A peaceful family is a loving family.

            On the other hand, technology has also been the cause of many other family broken relationships. In that, everyone tends to take much of his or her time on the screen. They hardly get time to interact. No quality time is spent with family members.  Busy parents will put aside an hour or two for them to play and have time with their kids but after a few minutes a mail is received, or a call comes through that they have to report to work. Parents should understand that they should not at any point bring work home. Family time should strictly be family time if they want to maintain their relationships.

Lack of proper offline communication affects children significantly to the point that they may end up doing things that they will regret and cost them a lot in future and this communication is what technology keeps on depriving most kids and parents. When parents see that their children are spending more than enough time with their gadgets they mostly advise them to switch them off and go outside play and have fun with a friend. Although this is always a struggle to get them to go out and leave their phones, this ultimately destroys the family relationship because the children might see that their parents do not want them to be happy while in the long run, they are helping them.

Impact of Technology on Societal Relations

Technology has a significant effect when it comes to an understanding of our diversities. Back then, it was hard to understand or know what our friends or people close to us like without asking them. However, technology has made this easier. Day in day out they we see pictures of them about what they are doing, what they are eating the placed they visit and so many other things. With this technology, we can maintain relationships in the best way ever. It gives us the chance to be aware of the cultural diversity of our societal loop.

Technology creates many communities through the relationship it helps the people create. In the olden days, the only family we knew were our parents and relatives. People are now forced to travel everywhere to be able to acquire an education or get employment. Therefore it pushes one to move out to a new environment. Although with technology and the creation of communities, it is easier to get to interact with people of the same interests.

Technology has brought both positive and negative effects on societal relationships. The adverse impact of technology on social relations is isolation. Most technology users end up acknowledging their technology life and forgetting about real life. Most are the times you will find someone getting their phone from the pocket to see if there is a new update or new message or scroll through even if there is nothing new. Technology has replaced physical relationships. People barely know their neighbors. There are no physical relationships anymore, and if there is soon enough, it is replaced by technology.

Technically isolation brings people farther apart. You can hardly talk to anyone about your problems physically. Instead, they confide with their social media friends or look for advice over the internet. Yes, it may seem reasonable but having a real talk with your friend relative of a psychiatrist is a much better healing process. Having to write the words that express laughter or an emoji with a laughing face cannot be compared to the joy that comes with hearing this laughter physically.

Impact of Technology on Business Relations

Technology does not only affect personal relationships only. It also creates a significant impression in the economics department. Technology has brought the market closer to the manufacturers. It is not closed in terms of distance, but the customers can be able to view any products. Technology such as the internet has opened a broader market for selling items. Customers are also able to order and receive their wants whenever and wherever they are. As well, customers can give their feedback about the products they have collected and used.       These feedbacks helps the manufacturers make their products of better quality and according to their customers’ desires. With this type of communication then the economy is bound to be boosted by the technology. Economics is the core of each state. Significant economic development attracts many investments from all over. Significant and successful investments create numerous excellent and long-lasting relationships between countries. Technology has, therefore, brought much of growth on relationships.

Technology in business has created a good rapport. However, there are defaults here and there that clearly can destroy one’s business. Recently machines have been invented that make work easier. Most of the companies prefer having to use these machines. In one way or the other is helps them cut on the costs. The issue is some people used to do that work before; therefore it means if some people are going to be sacked or given a less paying job. If this is done then the relationship between the employer and employee is bound to be destroyed within a minute.

As well, technology offers a platform for feedback if by any chance a customer is not satisfied with a product and gives a lousy complement on the product and post it online this cannot be good for the company. Many people who would want to inquire about the product might come across such feedbacks in one way or the other. If they do come across it, this may lead to having doubts about the product despite the additional good reputation that has been heard. Most people tend to focus on the wrong side because they would not want to have to undergo any loss. Consequently, they will have lost a customer, and this may cost the company a fortune.

Even as most of everyone’s time is consumed by technology, it brings the people to the question, is it bringing us closer or farther apart? Technology may have its advantages. However, it has its disadvantages too. Although the benefits may be more, at no point should the obstacles be ignored. Technology has brought much of isolation to its users. For example, seclusion most users of technology tend to separate themselves from the outside world and be involved with their world of technology only.  It is true that we can have and enjoy the online type of relationships, but in reality, these relationships are entirely different from physical connections. If technology users expect more than it can offer it can lead to more and more problems. With high expectation s then when it fails it will also affect them much. The best decision is to ensure that there is only the right portion of the technology that is needed.To avoid one from incurring losses and gain more technology at the cost of most or all their relationships.

Impact of Technology on Ethics of Relationships

The development of technology has advanced the most critical aspect of a relationship that is communication. Communication is the only way towards achieving a successful relationship.  Most of the people today seem to give technology the task to shape and be form their relationships. Technology has blinded the world with its positive and negative effects on relationships. It has brought scientific progress, it ultimately has an impact on the economy, and most of all it changes communication between people. There are codes of ethics that are supposed to govern every relationship.

Technology has opened a higher platform that has helped people to have their ability to manage and make their relations even better. For example, many people undergo similar situations one is in all over the world when it comes to a relationship. With these websites and apps, one can make their partner happy and treat them with respect. Respect is one of the core values of the bonds. The fact that they can sit down seek help from the technology they will be able to solve their differences peacefully and this is a sign of respect. When two people have respect for each other, then they will be able to keep up together.

Even though we do say technology has upheld ethics in a relationship, it has also been the cause of so many broken relationships. Relationships require a commitment to which any addicted technology user will not able to entirely give to the other party. For example, a parent-child relationship builds the more they spend time together. However, when the child or the parent is being told to shun away from too much of technology they see as if that is a hindrance to their success.  They might become ride and rebellious towards their partner, and this completely breaks the bond. People often find themselves saying things on social media that they can hardly be able to speak in person.  They end up saying things that they gravely come to regret later on.


Technology is has done a tremendous job across the world. The technology such as the internet has reduced the world in size and brought people closer together than ever before. However, at some point or the other, there are a few threats here and there of dividing the people and put them apart. Technology is just a tool that is used to make things easier. Therefore, it deserves an excellent judgment. Technology has made its users overconfident to a point they will say whatever they want that they can say face to face on the internet. This act can destroy uncountable relationships because messages that are typed have a more significant effect and wound even more deeply. Without technology, people will not have been where they are whether financially economically culturally or socially. Technology has brought in diversity that creates unity among every person.

However, technology is a two-faced tool one can access some electronic messages that one finds appealing and can heal. Ethics and morals have been the debate over technology in recent years. Ethics should be the basis of technology. With this ten there will be upholding of cultural and social norms, and no one will be able to defy them.

The world is full of different people, and these relationships are responsible for helping people get along with each other and make the world a better place to live. The best thing that could be done to ensure that people use technology for its legitimate purpose is the creation of boundaries. This will help people to understand how to regulate their use of technology.