Technology and Crime

Question one

Technology facilitates crime and deviance by providing visibility and accessibility to alternative justifications and normative viewpoints on the forms of cybercrime. The nature of internet stimulates criminal and deviant activity due to lack of centralized body that can establish regulations for appropriate conduct and enforce criminal laws in particular countries. Technology has allowed maintaining anonymity because crimes occur in virtual spaces, unlike the traditional real physical area (Stalans & Finn, 2016). The national government should have the primary responsibility for preventing and investigating cybercrime. It should collaborate with other nations to set standards, rules, and regulations for using cyber and ways of tracking and charging the offenders. All the types of cybercrime matters and thus require control. Increasing the use of technology also increases the vulnerability level because of the rise in the presence of hackers and other cybersecurity threats.

Question two

Internet formation history shaped the security concern by providing a loophole where virus, malware, and hackers can enter and cause harm to users’ devices and contents. The emerging trends of renowned hackers such as anonymous, development of more complicated virus and malware, there is a need to worry about the safety of devices and contents stored on the internet (Vriesendorp, 2016). The government should step up efforts of securing its people and people’s property. The governments should introduce stringent measures such as backup policy, harsh security laws and constant upgrade of their systems. It is not okay to hack back; this is because it is illegal because access of systems that belongs to another person or organization is not legal. The dangers include a court case, your system might not be strong enough, and you don’t know the repercussions of hack back.

Question 3

It is software created and planned to interrupt, harm and dent or gain entrance without permission into the system in a computer (Malizia & Olsen, 2011). There are several precautions needed among them being the following; stay away from clicking pop-ups when on the internet connections, Update your systems regularly to the recent version to because older version may have bugs and loops which might lead to malware, avoid getting applications from third parties and create the strong internet security policy. What motivates people to develop malware is people want to make money, to rob data and information and to root for tribulation for people. What motivates hackers is: they want financial gain; they want to rob data and information while some want it for fun. The two are related because both seem to want money, data, and fun.

Question 4

I don’t think so because these pirates take advantage of artists work and create for their financial gain some artist might not get even the same finance muscle as compared to what the pirates make from the artists work, as much as there will be exposure, but exposure alone won’t work if there is no financial gain (Pan, 2019). There are many categories affected, for example, government taxes, families of the artists who expect something out of the artist work, also some upcoming artists will be affected because they see an artist who has done his/her job and they don’t see him/her progress. Yes, it concerns me because it’s so painful to see an artist claim most of the work, but has nothing financially as compared to those who pirate.

Question 5

The advances in technology have created a loophole which has made it easy to make crime without any harm; there is a group called anonymous which causes havoc on the internet without being nabbed (Briner, 2018). It is essential for the internet to create more stringent rules for internet criminals.

Question 6

Yes, she has committed a crime because any person under the age category of 18 years shouldn’t be allowed to access pornographic images or videos whatsoever (진도왕, 2014). Yes by the boy sending the pornographic images to others means he has committed a crime by distributing child pornography film to the underage’s who have no authority to access the pornography.  The person, who received the naked picture and not reported, should face the rule of law. Laws do not allow such acts.

Question 7

The use of technology affects many users of the internet.  Many victims have had a different experience, for example, an article by Linda Lowen shows that there was a woman who had a boyfriend, but when they separated, the boyfriend cyberstalked her and emptied her online accounts; the cyberstalker also disabled her medical insurance, so that she could be depressed. The cyberstalker knew here addresses, date of birth, mothers name and all her passwords.  The challenges the criminal justice system face is that it’s tough to know who the cyberstalker is, there is also a challenge of financial constraints when following up these cases which includes picking up a lawyer who has an understanding of these issues.

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