Technology as a double-edged sword

Technology is like a double-edged sword, and just like fire, it can cook our food and burn us.  As much as technology has made the world a better place by approaching it with all sorts of goodies, it has also brought challenges some which are extremely costly. However, it has also brought some problems that have cost us dearly though offering a learning experience. This has been mainly due to its uncontrolled growth which is coupled with loopholes that can be exploited and used to bring more harm than the intended benefit.

Personally, the challenge that have experienced with technology is related to cybercrime and data security. Specifically, I was sent a malicious file accompanied by a phishing text that lured me into proving key details that relate to my financial information. The malicious file which of course I opened gave the sender ability to hack my phone and through the info that I had provided enabled him to succeed with access my bank account and transfer all my money to a private account then withdraw it before I could even realize. The whole process took less than 5 minutes, and by the time I realized, significant damage had already occurred. The hacking process was highly successful and first because I had not secured my phone nor conversant cybercrime. The phone also had about 70% security flaw.

However, this challenge will and has acted as a learning experience and motivation to further use technology as well as use technology as a learning tool. First, through the experience have learned the importance of being updated with the current issues involving technology including its threat, more so concerning cybercrime. As a victim of adverse of technology, it has acted as a lesson learned through hard way on the advantage of being updated and conversant with the adversities such as cybercrime. Therefore it encourages me to research on current changes and opportunities in technology as well as loopholes that technology presents. Second, the experience will make me remain cautions in the use of technology. Technology is like a tool, and every tool has its worst day and time depending on the way it is used. It’s important to understand as a tool, technology should not be left to control human beings, but only human beings should be able to control technology. I will, therefore, avoid extreme trust, ignorance in its utilization and being less cautious

To help in providing a solution to challenges faced with technology such as cybercrime, I will assist in extensive research to familiarize with the loopholes in the technology and help in discovering a lasting solution that can help counter cybercrime.I will also disseminate information to the public in various ways to ensure data security and combat cyber insecurity.