Technology in Policing

With the current technological advancement in the world, crime has become more complex than ever. Criminals are using technology to commit crime and evade law enforcement at a low risk. In addition, technology has led to increased terrorist activities worldwide. The law enforcement officers are thus dealing with sophisticated criminal risks and threats (Peak, 2012). The calls for the use of advances technology in policing and law enforcement.

However, such technologies increase the operating costs of the already under funded law enforcement agencies. This calls for smarter ways of financing such technologies. One such way is to collaborate with the local private investors. In most of the time, such sophisticated crimes usually affect the local investors (Peak, 2012). At such, the investors would be much willing to participate in combating the crime.

Another way would be to partner with big technological corporations such as Apple and Microsoft. In their endeavor to give back to the society, such company’s finance different programs to help the community. They would be of help in terms of developing the technologies and maintaining the data from such technologies. Again, they can also train the law enforcement officers on how to maintain technological machinery. A system such as the geographical information system (GIS) which capture, stores, retries, analysis and displays data requires a lot of technical know how to operate and maintain(Peak, 2012).

Again, the government funds law enforcement agencies. Such agencies if allowed to utilize such funding in investing in low risks investments’ can make more money. There would go along way in funding other agency endeavors’. Technology is here to stay and the law enforcement can only adhere to its calling by investing in technology. Though this requires a lot of funds, there are alternative ways of acquiring the funds.


Peak, K. (2012). Policing America: Challenges and best practices (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education





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