Technology on Society and Health


The technology evolution has had dramatic changes in the society. People all over the world admire the use of technology that to a great extent has been considered as making life better and convenient. Technology has been essential in improving the ways of doing things thus enhance the quality of life. Though technology is unavoidable, it is prudent that we understand whether it provides a solution to the society and its effects on our health. It is wise understanding that there is extensive use of technology in the modern society, and there are various merits and demerits associated with technological development (Kidd & Chen, 2008). Use of technology is common in education, transport, medical and industrial sectors of the economy. In this exploratory paper, we will discuss the benefits and also the adverse effects of excessive technological use to the society that in most cases go unnoticed.

Technology and health

Use of technology has serious health problems that need to be addressed. This is more prevalent among the teenagers and adolescents who have excessive use of technology. Most of the young people spend more times on social networks, computer games and watching TV the young generation has great affinity to the internet which has serious health implications such as obesity, cancer, sleep deprivation and vision problems just to mention a few (Wallach, 2015).  Addiction to technology has resulted in decreased sleeping hours that ultimately lead to less sleeping time. It also makes people lazy since people are seated at most times which can lead to lifestyle diseases.

Technology has also brought about the introduction of genetically modified organism (GMO) which is an important global concern. This involves alteration of genetic materials to improve productivity and quality. It is, however, important to understand that most of GMO foods have serious health implications for our lifestyles. Acute illnesses such as cancer and obesity are as a result of consumption of genetically modified foods.

On this note, it is also wise to note that there are positive contributions of technology to the health of the society. Technological advances have been significantly used in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer and stroke. This technology has been critical in therapy sessions common among cancer patients (Kidd & Chen, 2008). It is also prudent to note that machine automation have reduced the risk to individual’s’ life as they perform risky jobs instead of humans. Technology has enabled the introduction of robots that carry out hazardous exercise on behalf of humans. Some of the obligations to humans are dangerous, and technology has been of great importance in such instances.

Technology and Society

Technology has had positive and negative effects on the social setting of the community. On a positive note, technology has been instrumental in enhancing communication among the members of the society. Use of social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has played a significant role in passing information from one person to another. Use of the internet has turned the globe into a village where news and ideas travel all over the world very fast and in a convenient manner.

On the other hand, excessive technology use has to a great extent eroded important social values critical to the society. For instance, the internet has been used to circulate obscene messages and pictures that undermine vital values and behaviors (Rosen, Cheever & Carrier, 2012).  The internet has been instrumental in spreading pornographic videos through YouTube and other websites which has adverse effects, especially on the youths.

On this note, technology has also weakened social ties and the relationship among the family members. Before the invention of these technologies, family members would organize family gatherings where they would socialize and play games. However, the recent developments in technology have resulted in n people playing individual games online and chatting with other friends (Wallach, 2015). Children also lack the chance to socialize with fellow children since they are busy with their play stations and other online games. Most people especially the youths are addicted to the internet and spend less time with their family members. It is also imperative to understand that the modern dating has also changed significantly. Unlike in the past where people had one on one talk during dating, social sites such as Face book and twitter have enabled online dating where people engage on one another without physical interaction. This is a risky exercise since the partners lack the opportunity to know each other better.


It is prudent for us to understand that technology is unavoidable. It has improved communication and has also been very useful in treating chronic illnesses. Use of technology has improved lives of people all over the world in terms of health, social and the environment. Nevertheless, use of technology has also had adverse effects such as weakening the human body and destroying good values essential in a social setup. To sum up, technology overreliance in the society can be very disastrous since its failure can lead to stalling of some basic operations thus leading to distress and unhappy situations (Wallach, 2015). It is therefore recommended that technology should be just a backbone and not the brain of human society. Although technology has positive and negative social implications, its use should ensure that the negative consequences are controlled to manageable levels.



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