Ted Talk Analysis

Question 1:

In this Ted Talk, Zayid’s main argument is that people with disabilities are like other human beings and that they should not be excluded from doing anything including entertainment. She; for example can do anything any other human being can, for instance, she can walk, read, talk, and even act. She is more capable and more confident than some people who see themselves as normal because she did not allow her disability to define her. What Zayid is trying to show the audience is that we should not discriminate against disabled people and that we should be more accommodating because disability is just like ordinary.

Question 2:

Zayid is trying to reach out to people who consider disability as inability especially people in entertainment and other disabled persons. She is trying to persuade them that they should not let disability define a person’s capability. Her main aim is to convince her audience that there is no need of excluding disabled persons from the entertainment industry and any other field. Zayid is confident and optimistic about her condition that she can do anything. This attitude has been the driving force behind her success, thanks to her parents who wanted her to believe that she can do anything in this world and that no dream was impossible. With this attitude, she has overcome her fears, and she sees herself as an ordinary person, and that disability is just one among her many problems.

Question 3:

What amazed me about Zayid is her confident attitude of “I can can” which has made her successful and overcome challenges despite her disability. “If she can, I can,” that is the attitude I learned from this talk; that one can achieve their dreams and conquer any challenges when they develop the right attitude and grow up around supportive people. This talk has changed the way I view challenges because if she could achieve her dreams despite her disability which the society consider a bigger problem, then I can conquer any obstacle that comes my way.