Tesco.com is one of the world’s largest online grocery stores. It has an annual turnover of over $2 billion and is the online branch of Tesco PLC. This company is the third’s largest retailer and earns yearly revenue of over $70 billion. This article, therefore, seeks to study the company’s operation strategy to understand how it has been successful in the industry over the years.

Every business faces challenges, and thus the companies that are successful in overcoming their challenges go ahead to be successful in the industry. Tesco has faced several challenges in its operations. These include; poor quality information obtained from third-party data providers, the absence of a standardized definition of processes and data and many others. To mitigate these problems, Tesco has hired Sonetto, which is a rule-based multiple channel product and information management product that is mainly targeted at businesses.

In the company’s schema management, Sonetto uses a Bottom-up And Top-down approach to run its operation (Sarraf, 2006). These are two approaches that are used in the process design. Bottom-up processing refers to the processing of afferent information as it trickles in the system. However, Top-down processing refers to the perception that is brought about by cognition.

Even though there is a centralized control on the semantic that gives the designs first approach, Sonetto supports allows the users to extend the schemas in a controlled manner by a rule-based abridging of product data. This, therefore, eliminates the company’s need for the expense of IT staff and software that one would need to support the open-ended maintenance and growth of data. With this system, users can also use the administrator to effect changes to the schemas. They can also use it to manage the user editing of the data (Sarraf, 2006).

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