Texas Constitution Assignment

Texas Constitution Assignment

The Constitution of Texas is the main ruling article of the nation. The Constitution used currently was passed in 1876. The constitution ranking is number seven in the biography of the country and number five from the time Texas achieved statehood (May & Janice, 13). The law of Texas is changed by voting and from 1876, up to 2015; the Texas State Legislature gave 666 amendments to the States current constitution (Harris & Nancy, 19). In November 2014,663 amendments had gone to the voters and among all these 484 of the bills have been approved by voters and added to the constitution representing 73 percent approval rate (Maxwell & William,17). The lawmakers mostly consider the issues designated by the governor for change, and they give an effective date for discussions of the bills in different settings. It is good to amend the Texas constitution and touch on important issues like voting age among other important state activities.

The age of voting in the first Amendment was not on the 2015 ballot in Texas as a legislative referred constitutional amendment. The measure was aimed to allow citizens under the age of 18 years to vote in a primary election if the person would be 18 years of age or older on the date of the following general election. This bill was introduced in the Texas legislature by Rep.Donna Howard and Rep.Jonathan Stickland as House Joint Resolution. The proposed amendment aimed at giving many citizens to enjoy voting rights (Harris & Nancy, 24). The act of authorizing the people aged 17 years to vote would increase the number of voters, and according to the movers of this motion, this would pave the way for an excellent presentation for all the people in the state of Texas. They also claimed that age should not be a limiting factor to hinter anybody to exercise political rights (Maxwell & William, 21). Those who were contrary to the amendment claimed the people below the age of 17 would not be able to make the right decision for the state, and this would lead the nation to acquire unworthy leaders because they would be voted in by inexperienced and underage voters unable to distinguish what’s right and what’s wrong for the state. A pass by a two-thirds vote in both the chambers of the Texas State Legislature was needed to pass this amendment to the ballot (May & Janice,27). Unfortunately, the change did not succeed to be referred to the vote because the majority of the legislators rejected it.

According to me the proposers of this amendment had a good interest for the young people of Texas City. Therefore, they thought that it was critical to open a platform through a constitutional amendment to allow them to vote and elect their leaders (May & Janice, 35). The young people in any part of the world have a right to participate in any constitutional activity for instance voting so long as it affects their lives. In this concept the proposers of the amendment wanted the young people of the state to take part in voting and feel the comfortability of being ruled by leaders of their choice (Maxwell & William, 40). The parliamentarians who were opposed to this amendment might have had a negative perception of the young people being allowed to vote. There might be the fact that they feared that if the young people were allowed to vote, it would be easy for them to be influenced by voters for instance through bribery and elect rogue leaders who would lead the state to failure (Harris & Nancy, 37). Sometimes young people might be influenced to make bad decisions by the older people, but the case applies to people who might not be optimistic for the future success of the specific nation.

If I were a member of the legislature, I would have voted for the amendment. The reason is the future of a nation rests in the hands of the young people. It means that if the young are allowed to vote the future of that nation stands to be bright because they will elect the leaders who would spearhead them to development (Maxwell & William, 54). At the same time, the young people should be allowed to participate in the election of their leaders to make sure that they air their problems to leaders whom they elected due to their valid reasons. The fact of a reasonable age should not deter any citizen to practice democratic right like the issue of voting for people with 17 years in Texas (Harris & Nancy, 48). According to me, the amendment would have passed and if necessary the people aged 17 educated on how to vote and elect good leaders to govern them.

The chances are high that if the amendment had passed the House and Senate, the Texas voters would have approved it. This is because there has been a lot of complains in many states in the United States that the young people feel that they not recognized in running the affairs of their rules (May & Janice, 57). Several demonstrations have done by young people in several States in the US demanding voting rights. Bearing in mind the youth comprises the majority in the Texas State, the probability is high that the voters would have voted in favor of the young to be allowed to participate in an election (Harris & Nancy, 60). The growth of a state in terms of economy and politics depends greatly with the youth a move that would encourage the voters to approve the amendment.




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