Thales Vs. Homer

The origin of planet earth is a challenge that many philosophers have tried to come up with theories explaining it. Knowing the origin of planet earth could solve many challenges that people try to solve concerning how the planet was made.  Thales and Homer were first among the scientist that come up with theories to explain the origin of the earth. Their ideas about the formation of the earth have been relied upon when explaining many factors that happen on the planet including the challenges that come when solving nature challenges.

Thale began by challenging the basic principles of the planet and questioning all the activities of nature that happen on the planet in order to understand the planet more. To each problem, he comes across; he tried to come up with theories to explain how the challenges can be explained (O’grady 54). Aristotle how Thales come up with logos of nature in an objective way. He investigated all the areas that were concerned to the people and influenced the lives of the people as a measure to find out the solution to challenges affecting the people (O’grady 83). On the other side, Homer tried to come up with facts in relation the human life. According to Plato, homer influenced many people at home and abroad through the facts that he comes up with concerning human being. He tried to find the solution to challenges that affected the people at the time. He tried to understand the challenges by first understanding the human culture then explaining how the culture is related to the challenges that the people faced at the time.

Homer together with other artists had vibrant mythic arts that represented the activities that used to happen at the time, and they also tried to imagine other things that they believed could make the life of the people better and also come up with art representing them (Nietzsche 117). The art inspired people living at the time to think of the solution to the challenges that they faced at the time. Bearing in mind that Thales believed that the world should be explained in terms of the naturality of the things that exist on it and happen. He believed that people should find a way of coping with the things that occur naturally as opposed to trying to change nature in order to deal with the things that the people are not happy with. There is no way that the man could change nature; therefore they can only learn how to cope with the challenges.

Science has developed over the years trying to explain the origin of planet earth more than any theory has been able to.  The scientist has discovered many things as they try to explain the planet and why things are the way they are. A good example where science has been able to deal with the challenges include explaining the origin of human beings. A scientist explains that the human beings have evolved over the years from being an animal like other being to improving over the years to become a better animal than other animals that live on the planet (Drucker). Challenging experiences are the one that makes people look for solutions to the challenges as Homer stated: “A man who has been through bitter experiences and travelled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time.”

According to Louis Leakey, the evolution of human being have occurred over the years from being an animal to being a human being (Cherry 33). What has changed over the years is the improvement in the mental capacity of human beings over the years more than that of other animals. The brain capacity of the human being improved over the years because they wanted to solve the challenges that they were facing while living just like the other animals did. The uniqueness of human beings is that they were able to learn and come up with the solution to the challenge that they were going through.

As the brain capacity of human beings improved they began to understand their bodies more and what they need to do in order to cope with the challenges that they were going through. With time and using the knowledge that they had acquired over the years, they were able to improve their health while coping with the challenges of nature that they experienced in early years (Cherry 33). Human beings continue to enhance their scientific knowledge to deal with the challenges that they face up to date. People need to know themselves in order to think of ways that they can use to improve their lives as Thales stated that ‘’ The most challenging thing in life is to know yourself.”

The other scientific milestone that has occurred is to explain the origin of the earth. Early philosophers did not have access to much information when it comes to explaining the challenges that were affecting the people at the time. The scientist enjoys access to information that aide in helping them in dealing with the phenomenons that relate to nature and human beings. The theories of philosophers such as those argued by Thales and Homers were not based on any research and knowledge of the matters explained but on the beliefs of the believers. The philosophers come up with the theories to explain the different phenomenon through the feels that they believed on various issues that the people wanted to find solutions in.

The scientific side that deals with the things that affect humanity play an essential role in finding the solutions to natural problems that have affected the people over the years. The people have been trying to solve the challenges that they face using various forms at different times (Drucker). The ancient time people could only deal with the supernatural challenges through theories that did not offer the solution to the challenges. The knowledge capacity of the people has been improving over the years hence improving their scientific knowledge. Scientific explanations offer more explanations and solutions to challenges of nature more than the philosophical views and beliefs do.

If we were to find the solution to the challenges supernaturally affecting the people, then it means that no research would need to be done and therefore many discoveries that have been made today would not be possible. Supernatural things are the things that the human being cannot change, and science enables in the discovery of why supernatural things happen the way they do. Science enables discovery of technologies that can be used in dealing with the challenges that are faced due to supernatural happenings. New scientific discoveries have enabled the people to deal with a supernatural phenomenon that had affected the people for many years.

Arguing that things such as natural things happen because of supernatural reasons would not be appropriate and shallow. Things occur because of a series of events that make them happen the way they do, anything that occurs to the world is as a result of a series of events. Science is able to explain the background of events that make supernatural things to occur. The solution to the natural challenges is possible by understanding the cause that makes them t occur the way they do. Scientific explanations are more detailed more than supernatural explanations.

The challenges that the people face as a result of a supernatural phenomenon’s effect the people; therefore they need to find the solution to the challenges. Science offers solutions to the challenges, thus, reduce the challenges that the people face (Drucker). Although science does not eliminate the supernatural challenges, it offers solutions that the people need. Thales made people think and virtualize on how they could find the solutions to the challenges that they were facing. For scientific discoveries to be made, the innovator needs to have a vision that they need to materialize by coming up with solutions to the challenges affecting the people.

There are various challenges that people face in relation to supernatural happening that there is no solution. Philosophers only come up with myths explaining why the challenges occur, but they do not offer solutions to the challenges. On the other hand, scientific inventions provide the solution for the challenges. This is the reason why scientific inventions are popular more than the philosophical theories explaining the challenges that are related to nature. Many challenges have been solved using scientific inventions that have been solved over the years. More solutions to the existing challenges that occur naturally will be solved by the advancement in technology invented to solve those challenges.

In conclusion, Thales and Homer laid a foundation for finding the solutions to natural challenges that the people use in the modern age. They challenged the people to think of solutions to the challenges of nature. Scientific solutions to the challenges of nature, also more research need to be done on finding solutions to the challenges of nature that continue to affect the people. Each stakeholder needs to play their roles collaboratively to find the solutions to various challenges associated with nature.


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