The Airplane


The last two centuries have seen immense innovations and inventions in the world. The world today is hinged on the creativity of technologists and scientists. Every invention that has come around has played a great role in shaping the lives of the people. From the original form of an invention, so many developments are made to ensure that it moves with time and fits within the demands of the people (Rothwell 4). This has created the concern for innovators about the sustainability of inventions in the market for the long term. One of the major inventions in the last two centuries is the airplane, invented by Wilbur and Orville Wright. The airplane plays a great role in the daily lives of people and promises much more for the future.

The Invention

The airplane was invented by Wright brothers – Wilbur and Orville – making their first flights at Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903(Wakeman). This marked the commencement of a flurry of practices by the brothers as they tried to improve their invention to become something better. The first one was sustained and controlled, but two years later they surpassed this by flying the first fully practical plane.

The two brothers were inspired by the work of a German aviator Otto Lilienthal. This German died in a glider crash, and his death marked the beginning of explorations by the Wright brothers on the possibility of coming up with a plane. Their first flight took 59 seconds, and they were now convinced they had the magic formula to building the airplane (Wakeman). Having their efforts not appreciated in the US at the beginning, they set out for Europe where their business of selling planes began.

Impact on Daily Life

The world today is being termed as a global village. Before the airplane, the only way to move across continents was through the water bodies. However, the introduction of the plane shortened and eased the travels. An easier mode of transport that was quick and convenient came into the realm. Since its inception, the plane has played more than just a significant role in disrupting, endearing and changing the lives of Americans at large.

A brief background tells someone that at the height of the World Wars; more significantly the end of the Second World War was enabled by two airplanes flying while dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Meyer 115).The airplane redefined the dynamics of the war.

It has not been all challenges and problems out of the great invention. In fact, much of its contribution should be cited in the positive aspects. It is the invention of the plane that can rather be first attributed to globalization and not the computers. The latter must have come to enhance. Some of the consumer nations in the world depend on air travel to get some product. Fruits, vegetables, and other perishable goods are availed overseas through air travel(Meyer 115). Some of the products consumed by Americans today come from abroad, and their availability without the airplane could never have been possible.

International relations have also been improved by the airplane. Leaders across the world negotiate deals on behalf of their citizens after being hauled in long trips across the world to meet fellow leaders in state visits and conferences. President Obama in his Air-force One travels across the world and seals deals on behalf of Americans. Traveling across the federation is easier as one have a variety of choices on travel modes. In short, the airplane has eased transport in many sectors and enabled easier and quicker transactions.

It has also been a big employer globally. There are countless airlines with large numbers of staff. These are people who can express their gratitude to the invention of the airplane for becoming their employer (Meyer 115). There are pilots, air hostesses, airport workers among others who could probably have been jobless had the airplane not been invented. Many families thus credit their source of livelihood to the same.

The Future of the Plane

The plane is here to stay. It does not look likely to go away from the mainframe any time soon. A very big chunk of the population has never traveled by air. It remains a valid dream for many that one day they will travel by air; more so many people residing in third world countries. This puts the airplane on the front run among the people. It is interesting for plane makers and supporters of the same that airlines are increasing day by day, and classy fights are being invented every other day. Wilbur and Orville Wright first made the Flyer whereas today there is the Boeing, a dream possession for any airline with capacity.

The other reason the plane’s popularity is not likely to fade away any time soon is the increasing spirit of globalization (Livne 5). Today, there is the fun of traveling across the world. Human interaction has increased like never before. People are transacting businesses more than they used to, and the way to get to each other is enhanced by the airplane. Moving from India to South Africa, Nigeria to Germany, United States to South Korea, and many other destinations globally, the airplane is the choice for travelers. There is no one who wishes to be dragged back to the days of the slow sea travels.

With the innovations in technology and increased global interactions, the airplane can only be of great use in future industries. Across the technology sectors today, the craze is all on Artificial Intelligence (A.I). This can only be promising for the airplane (Livne 5). Someone somewhere may be out to create A.I software for co-piloting and such. In the circles of technology, impossibility is not an option it is never considered. “If you can think about it, then it can be developed” (Livne 6). People should expect the airplane to be of great use in the establishment of new industries in future.


The airplane has been incredible in the lives of the people, and the future is nothing less than promising. Credit goes to Wilbur and Orville Wright, who came up with the magical piece of invention. It is unimaginable how life would have been without the plane today. The role that it has played, most likely no other invention would have played the same. It has changed operations, employed people, and compressed the world into a smaller village by easing travel in a great way.

Despite all the past achievements and growth related to the airplane, it promises much more. High capacity planes have been built, easing human and cargo travel(Livne 5). Wilbur and Orville Wright are a big inspiration, no college for them according to their father, but they had such wit to invent something with a long lasting impression across the world. Their love for aeronautics flying, inspired by toy mechanics led to the incredible innovation.


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