The Benefits of belonging to the MTNA

The Benefits of belonging to the MTNA

The Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) is a not-for-profit American-based agency that seeks to develop the music-teaching profession. The organization was created by Theodore Presser, an American music distributor, and publisher, alongside 62 of his associates (“The Benefits of Membership”). The group aimed to support the expertise of music teachers and improve the importance of music making to society. MTNAachieves its objectives by offering student performance opportunities, peer-to-peer networking services, and small business resources as well as continuing education. In that regard, membership with the Music Teachers National Association is accompanied by several invaluable advantages and privileges.

First and foremost, MTNA’s “peer connection services” allows members to interact and communicate with each other. The agency has outlets and channels through which it supports and facilitates communication among individuals in the music profession (“The Benefits of Membership”). Additionally, members of MTNA can cooperate with their peers both locally and nationally via the organization’s forums.

Secondly, members of the Music Teachers National Association benefit from the agency’s ongoing education program. For example, according to the organization’s official website,MTNA offerseducational opportunities to music teachers throughpreeminent annual national conferences. The events include seminars and workshops, which feature teachings on topics such as industry development, ethics, and recreational music-making among others (“The Benefits of Membership”).Moreover, during such training sessions, members get access to free advisory services on teaching tips and pedagogy as well as web and technology trends. Most importantly, the Music Teachers National Association’s ongoing education program creates valuable opportunities for members to attendmaster classes.

Additionally, belonging to the MTNA allows professionals to access invaluable resources. These include a broad range of publications from MTNA e-Journal and American Music Teacher. The resources are useful for members to keep up-to-date with current trends in the music sector (“The Benefits of Membership”).Furthermore, the online-based MTNA e-Journal contains informative articles accompanies with shared features and accessories. The American Music Teacher, on the other hand, is the MTNA’s official journal that provides reviews,columns, and articles to educate and inform the organization’s members.

The Music Teachers National Association offers different types of memberships for students, teachers, and those involved in the music sector. However, before applying for the Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) certification, the applicant has to fulfill a set of five standards, which define what a skilled music teacher needs to know and be capable of doing (“MTNA Certification Process”).Upon the fulfillment of the criteria, candidates become eligible to obtain MTNA Professional Certification.

The accreditation process involves two main steps, which educators who are not collegial faculty must complete. First, the applicant is required to complete an online Certification Application form and submit it alongside application fees to MTNA headquarters(“MTNA Certification Process”).After the submission, the applicant has a maximum of one year to complete and submit the five Teacher Profile Projects. MTNA then sends the certificate and renewal guidelines to the applicant once the certification is completed successfully.

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