The case of the roman catholic

The case of the roman catholic

The information below illustrates the case of the roman catholic had presented, how Mary was elected as mayor of Utah, and close to750 adults are resident in the area. Additionally, the building also has barns if the old building, and the Catholic Church. If history is traced back, was dominated by settlers who were sent by Brigham Young. During the exploration Mayor, she discovers the genealogy  of the great grandfathers’ history as being originated from the place but had been Germans  and hence cannot claim any compensation or seek refund for the building because he claims by extension to be part of the beneficiary because  history can be traced and presented to ensure he gains.


The fundamental question that lingers in the mind of the people is the treatment of the plot despite being allocated a car park and public utility. Can the Mayor be compensated?


In the case of understanding of the legal consequences and iron the issue. The previous statutes will be cited to compare how it was handled previously. In the law of succession, one cannot inherit the properties if he or she has nothing proof that he or she is the rightful owner. The basis of the law emanates from a simple concept owning a property begins having the right information and document to support the issue.


In conclusion, based on the information the court held that the issue could not claim for any compensation despite he or she becomes the owner without a document to prove

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