The concept of aging

The concept of aging began long way back before even the adoption of the industrialization. The issues according to philosophers have been approached as a growing factor that has hindered industrialization. This did not take any considerations to the experiences that comes from other parts of the world. The aging problem made the western societies and their populations as to be as the same form of having remote future as the African societies. The assumptions as coloured the world in a way that it has to be considered as a world of problems and that which is not informed of other experiences making the writers of any aging piece to link the aging problem with issues and historicity’s of recent past in Africa.

Aging in the paper has been associated with problems such as uneven process of industrialization, low development growth rate, affected by technology shifts, and rapid social, cultural, and economic growth. The concept of aging problems in Africa has been the benchmark of aging problems in the world and it has required that the events of uneven process of industrialization should be reconciled and integrated into aging conceptual apparatus and should be addressed and explained sensibly to make adjustment on the understanding of the problem.

In most recent cases, the aging population has found some sense of relief and renewed relevance. To some experts aging has brought forth the problem of dividends over dependence. The experts in their notion to make sense of the aging problem linked aging with Africa’s future and promise rather than the past experiences that comes with the aging. Aging can be understood by studying perspective changes and change in demographics. The projection of the experts is that aging populations can enable equitable change and harmonious development of

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