The Creator’s Subject

The Creator’s Subject

The US is a new nation conceived on the principles of democracy and liberty. It is a country whose leaders never fail to assure its people of their commitment to the realization of the proposition that all men are equal irrespective of their race, gender, religion, or national origin but in reality, it is the opposite that happens. Initially, the goal of creating an all-inclusive society was hindered by what can be rightfully termed as the “original sin” of slavery. Despite its abolition after the disastrous civil war in the late 19th century, the effects of slavery are still eminent anddeep-rooted in American society. For the black people, the abolition of the slavery ideology was just but the beginning of their quest for equality. And for decades, the black people took it upon themselves to champion for their rights and freedom, and to see an end to the white supremacy.


As a black person in the US, one aspect that I feel portrays more about myselfand my cultural history is my race as an African American. My race as a black person acts as a stand for reminding me of my history and that of my ancestors. It reminds me of the brutal and inhuman treatment that most of the early black people experienced during the period of slavery in the US. Culturally, my black race distinguishes me from other ethnic groups like the European Americans and Asian Americans. My black race also acts as my identity. Initially, I always thought and perceived myself as a mixed-race person until I started to identify the existing racial and cultural barriers between people of my color and those with different racial colors. It was until one of my schoolmates called me black that I realized that racial profiling is still acommon problem in the country. Because of the prejudice and stereotypes that come with the aspect of racial discrimination and slavery against the blacks, I always find myself envying a place where all black people would be treated equally to others around them. Reading such narratives often make me think that maybe it is back in African that African Americans can fully gain their liberty and live a more dignified life as compared to the one we currently live in the US.

I always view Africa as my original homeland, a land of black people who consider themselves equal despite their economic challenges. It is a land of opportunities blessed with rich resources, which if exploited well, can enhance the image of a black person as a superior race just like whites. The only personal obstacle which I am currently coping-up with as a US citizen is my black race. I view my black race as a personal obstacle to achieving and living a good life since it influences the people I interact with, the type of school I go to, my perceptions and dreams as a US citizen, and some of the humiliating experiences that I have to go through sometimes merely because I am black. My personal passion is to live a more fulfilling life. It is a life where I am free to move anywhere and associate with anyone I like. My passion is to live and achieve the American dream and appreciating myself as an American rather than as an African American.


  1. What do you see?

Based on the above observation and previous reading in this course, I see myself as a person whose rights are constantly being infringed and his dignity and image tarnished. I see myself as a stereotyped black person, an aspect that makes me sad, angry, and confused.

  1. What obstacles have you dealt with in your life?

I have dealt with many obstacles in my life associated with racial discrimination. I have persevered the negative criticism from other students of different ethnic backgrounds concerning my color. I have witnessed numerous cases where I have been mocked and abused because of my skin color.

  1. What do you feel strongly about?

I feel strongly attached to my black cultural and historical heritage. Deep down in my heart, I believe that there is a need to accord the black person equal rights like other white people. I also firmly convinced that despite the numerous challenges we always experience as African Americans, there is a place far beyond our borders where we can call home and where we can use in tracing our identity and culture as black people.

  1. Who are you as a writer?

I consider myself a brave African American writer who is determined to shed more light on the myriad challenges that most black people in the US and across the globe face. I am a writer who is out to advocate for equality and inclusivity in American society. I consider my writing to be informative in addressing black identity associated with African Americans.

I write about racial discrimination and inequalities with anger and sadness.

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