The Crown

The crown is a Netflix drama series released on November 4, 2016. The producers are Peter Morgan, Andy Harries, and Stephen Daldry. The actors include Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret, Matt Smith as Prince Philip, Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret and Jason Watkins as Harold Wilson. The crown tells the inside story of two very popular addresses in the world, The Palace of Buckingham and 10 Downing Street. This series is as a result of political rivalries and romance of the reign of Queen Elizabeth and all the happenings that occupied the last half of the 20th century. At the age of 25, Queen Elizabeth was struggling with the challenge of leading a popular monarchy and while at it, and she was contemplating on having a relationship with legendary Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. At that time, the British Empire was slowly declining, and its politics were very disorganized, and this young woman is struggling to take over the throne; thus the dawning of a new era. The carefully researched scripts of Peter Morgan show the private life of the Queen and her journey with shameless audacity. As a viewer, one should be ready to be invited in the very coveted world of power and privilege behind the locked doors of the Palace of Buckingham and 10 Downing Street.
In season one episode 2, the management of the king and the queen is not mostly presented. It primarily focused on the Queen’s final years, followed by her wedding and five years later, her coronation. This era was full of political ambitions and advancement in technology, from the period of inventions of televisions to the period when the Arab nationalism rose. In this season, the Queen’s management is seen when she meets the need of the men such as the power of Britain, the gluttonous prime minister, her secretary and her new confused husband (Chris, 2018).
In season two episode 3, she is seen struggling with the difficult men who have surrounded her. Even though her main job was to rule, she was also downright obligated to find her confused husband a job and look for a husband for her sister. She became an imperiled young royal of many historical dramas. She ruled the vastest and most popular empire in the whole world even in the presence of many capricious men. She remains the only British monarch friends ever knew past 90.
In season three episode 4, the queen confidently takes over the prevalent roles of the royalty. Queen Elizabeth II was now a ruler at the monarchy. She received all the attention from everyone including the men. She confidently restored all the confused men including her own husband. She made strict rules that were to be adhered to by the whole kingdom (Willie, 2019).
In season four episode 2, Gillian Anderson cast as the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and she was the iron lady of the season. Her gist and attitude were feared and respected by many. She showed passion for leadership and ruled with love, without undermining anyone (Schwartz, 2019).
The crown movie is harmful to the theme because it looks like an insult to the struggle of the current generation. The film is full of unpleasant view of the idolatry and aristocracy of the past. It is too much to see how Queen Elizabeth got married to her coronation five years later. The period when Princess Elizabeth was spending millions of dollars buying and fitting her wedding dress, ordinary citizens were battling with mental sicknesses through the creation of the fare state. It shows carelessness and how society overlooks the ordinary Britons and gives more attention to the royal class. A king who suffered from lung cancer and had lesser chances of surviving was spent on billions of money, and he ended up dying, and the children who needed common treatment were left out. This is a pure inhumane act as the lives of millions were overseen in favor of one life that was hopeless anyway.
This is more of an insult to the generation that went to war so as find peace. The television shows focus on the thwarted life of the age rather than showing how it worked hard in mining mills while living in harsh conditions in the slums and fought for their rights including those of the current generation. If the problem is not fixed, Britain will eventually end up a divided house. Issues like austerity and Brexit are promoting the division. For a division to be achieved, the television producers should tell the stories from the positive perspective where the past generation was very hardworking and fought for peace that exists up to date (Smith, 2016). It should focus on the ordinary but brilliant and profound men and women. In as much as the Queen is respected as the ruler, she should not be portrayed as an icon that is supposed to be feared and worshipped because either way, she does not dictate the destiny of the nation, but rather it is an ornament sitting immutably.

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