The development of sanctuary cities in the United States

The development of sanctuary cities in the United States

The development of sanctuary cities in the United States is as a result of a collection of immigrants from other neighboring countries through illegal means. Comparing the US sanctuary cities with the sanctuary city of Rome, we can entail that in somehow they have a similarity in their development (Critchley and Lisa 33). The American sanctuary cities to some extent should be supported to ensure that people in them live with harmony so that they can access social amenities freely and even register their children in school. If the American sanctuary cities are promoted and supported to develop effectively by the Federal government, then it implies that their growth will be ideal and confident in the future. Despite how they began, they should be supported as other cities since they have already started developing and they lie within the US borders.

One of the ideal aspects that the US government should do is enact measures that will deter other sanctuary cities. However, they should opt to develop and support the existing ones since they have already been established. Similarly, the US government should handle these states differently and as compared to the current ways they are treating them for it is not yielding a positive outcome (Critchley and Lisa 33). The already developed sanctuary cities should be cleaned up and police enforcement enacted so that the rule of law can apply in them and of humanitarian measures passed. This will, therefore, ensure that they are incorporated into the country effectively and promote the growth and development of the country’s economic activities.

The form of government and leadership that was adopted by Rome has a great resemblance to the American style of command. For instance, US has the president how is similar to the Monarchic, the members of the house of representatives that are elected (Democrats for Rome) and the Senate house that entails senators from every state (the oligarchic) (Bauder 178). The style of leadership indeed features the US style of leadership. Some of the advantages of this leadership style are that it tries to enable everybody in the society to as per their wish and it also integrates all the three leadership styles and defines them into one. This, therefore, allows effective leadership and management of America and its people. However, one of the disadvantages is that the system is an expensive one since it incorporates a lot of leaders (Bauder 181). This, therefore, implies that a lot of resources are required to maintain it.


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