The Effectiveness of Actions for Reducing Healthcare Issues

The Effectiveness of Actions for Reducing Healthcare Issues

The Effectiveness of Actions for Reducing Healthcare Issues

There are several initiatives put in place by hospitals to reduce violence against nurses. Their effectiveness should, therefore, be evaluated to observe if the measures put in place are functional. The number of incidence reports made by the nurses and the security guards deployed in the hospital and emergency rooms determines how effective the educational policy on reporting violence against them by patients is. For example, if the number of incidence reports increases, it shows that the plan is useful in the hospital and most nurses have learned from it.

Violence Problem

How nurses can identify high risk factors to violence and how to deal with them including their attitude towards the violence and how to manage the aggression experienced is another way in which the effectiveness of actions taken to reduce violence against nurses can be evaluated (Van, 2017). It is due to the knowledge imparted to them during their awareness and knowledge training to combat violence against them.

Nurses are trained through aggression management programs that involve physical self-defense strategies and patient restraint methods where they are applicable and use of verbal engagements to calm down the aggressive patients. This is evaluated if effective by observing the confidence levels of the nurses while dealing with the violent patients and after the training increased confidence levels have been recorded (Van, 2017).

Medication Problem

Several interventions against the problem of medication have been implemented. The various interventions in place have helped reduce the accidental medicines that could be administered by nurses. The disciplinary procedures that are established by healthcare facilities, therefore, makes the nurses extremely careful when they are dealing directly with the patients.

NeedleStick Injury

The effectiveness of the interventions that have been implemented against needlestick injuries could be measured by the adherence to some of the policies that have been recommended by the CDC.

It has been noted that observing the communication skills of nurses in the hospitals after training and making sure to report whenever they are entering a patient room, and using short and specified instructions to patients, can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the occupational safety and health policy on combating the issue of needle stick injuries. Additionally, employing duress alarms to alert security of any aggressive behavior comes in handy in controlling the needle stick problem.



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