The effectiveness of the care plans determines the success of the management plans for nursing burns in children

The effectiveness of the care plans determines the success of the management plans for nursing burns in children

Burn is an injury that occurs to the tissue or skin which is accused by heat, electrical, trauma, chemical or radiation. Burns can be categorized in a variety depending on the severity.  Etiological factors have been shown to result to burn injuries which require a particular criterion of management (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 2012).  Burn management has advanced into a multisystem management approach. The multisystem management approach aims to reduce mortality and morbidity among patients. The research will be conducted in a clinical setting to investigate the quality of care provided to patients with different burns.

Thesis statement: The effectiveness of the care plans determines the success of the management plans for nursing burns in children.

Literature review

Burn management has become a vital study research topic in recent years.  Studies conducted using a randomized control group design indicated that educational videos had been used to enhance the knowledge of parents towards burn management ( 2018). Patients who also watch education videos were aware of prevention and management strategies. Other studies conducted have proposed the application of Zolpidem in children to manage burns. All the above studies are only limited to the different management criteria for burns but were not able to evaluate the effectiveness of the process (Ansell Healthcare, 2017). The research question will ask “why is there an improvement in the management of burns among patients of burn in a hospital setting? The current research will explore all the available sources to investigate the appropriateness of the different burn management and also to debate about their quality (Herdone, 2012). The research will hypothesize that the managed care plans in a clinical setting and among patients with burn injuries are effective.


A retrospective chart review will be conducted to all the clinical nurses to investigate the treatment procedures. A sample population of children with acute burn injuries who were admitted three days earlier will be used in the study.  The population of children to be used in the study will comprise of (N = 320).  A review of the history of the patients, diagnostic procedures, psychiatric consultation, and notes from the health physicians will be done to identify the appropriateness of the management procedures (Texas EMS Trauma, 2016). Changes in the medication will be analyzed to examine the effectiveness of the medication.  Comparison between the management procedures will be done and paired using t-test. The data will be analyzed using statistical analysis software such as SPSS.


A paired t-test will demonstrate a significant difference in the managed care plans for the admitted children. Twenty-three children are likely to react negatively to specific treatment procedures such as the use of Zolpidem. The remaining population of children will show a significant improvement in the treatment plan. The management procedures are successful with the improvement in skills of the care nurses. Findings on the effectiveness of the burn injuries care plans are consistent with the current research done by the American Psychology Association.


Although the 23 children will react negatively on the burn management care that will be provided, a positive result is likely to be achieved among a significant number of children (WHO, 2007). The clinical process that is used in nursing burns is consistent with the current technology that promotes quality health care practices (Sheridan, 2013. The management that is provided in the hospital is relevant for every type of injury. It is coherent that awareness should be created among the patients and families of patients to recognize an appropriate measure to take during burn injury.


The result of the study indicates that the children were reacting positively to the care plans provided by clinical nurses. With the reforms that have been done in clinical centers, managing burns has been enhanced through the application of relevant procedures applied for every burn. The burn management procedures carried for every burn is hence effective and reduces the rate of mortality or morbidity among the patients.


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