The Encounter

Although hiking is considered to be one of the most thrilling activities, my past experience changed my approach towards camping and hiking in secluded places. Since an early age, I was always thrilled by hikers and dreamt of camping in the forest for a month. I felt in harmony with nature and had fun searching for different species of plants and animals.  I shared this thrill with other friends such as Moscow and Cynthia. We were in the same class and often spent our weekends together. Towards the end of the semester, we planned that we were going to hike in a different state.

I was charged with the role of identifying a perfect location. I spent three nights checking the ideal camping location on different online platforms. Finally, we settled for a beach that offered surfing, outdoor camping, hiking, and fishing among other activities. However, Moscow proposed that we invite more friends as this would make it fun and safer. Although Cynthia was opposed to the idea of bringing other friends, we settled to invite three more.Moscow arranged for the transport while Cynthia packed snacks and other necessities that we were to use during the journey.

We decided to travel on a Thursday night as there was less traffic. We also argued that traveling at night would be more fun as we would have the opportunity to have many stopovers. We took pictures and sung together as we progressed to our destination. After eight hours, we arrived at our destination. Although the place had been presented as being exotic and comfortable, we realized that it did not meet our expectations. We were disappointed, but we decided to do the best with the resources that were available. Rather than finding beautiful and self-contained cottages, we encountered shipping containers that had been converted to rooms.

After enquiring from the attendant, she smiled and assured us that we would have the utmost fun in the place. After the encounter with the receptionist, Cynthia was more alarmed and pressured us to go back. Nonetheless, Moscow managed to convince her otherwise. Devour, and Berlin shared Moscow’s sentiments. Tokyo, who was the most reserved of the group,remained silent while taking pictures of the surrounding. However, one could see it in his eyes that he was dissatisfied with the location.

Tokyo: Did they call this place an exotic destination located a few meters to the sea? (Laughing)

Cynthia: Hey guys, tell me I am dreaming, and am I the only one who saw the sinistersmile on her?

Berlin: (Laughing)that is Jason’s effect. I think you have been hooked to horror movies.

Cynthia: No, call me paranoid and a freak, but this place does not sound right.

Devour: Look, guys, what I have found on the Intent, there is a party a short distance from here; we can take a boat later in the evening.

Cynthia: (Smiling) that sounds like a cool plan to get away from these zombies.

In the evening, we boarded a boat and headed to the party which was on another beach situated three kilometers away. Contrary to our beach, we found that the place had unique facilities; a large swimming pool, surfing, and bonfires. We ordered three huge raw fish as people were allowed to grill their fish in the barbeques that were located in the garden.

We also bought a few drinks and lit a bonfire just like other thrillers. Later, we were joined by other friends who made it more fun. We played different games such as truth and dare, spin the bottle, drinking, cards, and other board games. Tokyo took many pictures as he moved from one place to another. Past midnight, Tokyo told us that he had seen the receptionist with a couple of other mean looking men. However, we brushed off the idea and argued that they were also after having fun. The fun was short lived as we had to say goodbye to our new friends and take a boat to our beach. While we dreaded going back there, it was the only option. However, we agreed that we would only take our things and book some rooms in the new beach. While going back, Tokyo excused himself and went for a short call in one of the toilets in the boat. He later came back with blood on his hands.

Tokyo: That girl is an anthropophagus! I found her feeding on a human being.

Berlin: (Laughing off the comments) I see that you are now freaking out just like Cynthia. Stop freaking us with your weird jokes.

Tokyo: Beijing can you be serious for once. Why has that receptionist been following us?  Is it a coincidence that she is everywhere we go?

Devour: (Tipsy and staggering) Hey! Can you for Christ’s sake stop arguing? I need some rest and sleep.

Tokyo: Rest and Sleep? Are you out of your senses Devour? There are cannibals who will hunt us down. Theyknow where we are, and you are talking about sleep?

Devour: (not taking the comments seriously) Well, if they will hunt us down, why don’t we rummage them down to and throw them to the sharks?

Tokyo: (angry) that is an ingenious idea Samoa warrior, why don’t you show us how to do it

Cynthia: Hey! Can we all stop talking and thinking about what we will do if the allegation by Tokyo is by any chance true?

(A sharpscream comes from the store)

Devour: (Freaking out and waking up from the floor). I think you are right; there is something sinister in the boat.

Despite being drunk, Devour was the most dynamic and energetic of allmembers. Not only was he fearless, but he was also a problem solver. We were all hoping that he would sober up and guide us on addressing the problem. In the case ofCynthia, she stood at the corner of the room holding her rosary tightly.

Tokyo: It seems calamities can turn us into being religious(referring to Cynthia)

Cynthia: I have read many tales about cannibals. In all stories, none of the victims trapped by cannibals escaped. I fear that they will call other cannibals and feast on us.

Devour:shhhh…everybody keep quite (whispering). I think I can see a shadow approaching, let us all get a place to hide.

(There is a cracking on the wall and some heavy footsteps)

First Cannibal: You promised us a heavy meal, where is it, or were you lying to us (the agitated cannibal asked while holding the receptionist)

Receptionist: You fool let go my neck, or I will start by skinning you. Everybody search the boat and sniff out human. They are probably hiding in many boxes in the boat.

After a short while, I heard a sharp scream. The voice was so clear, and I realized that the cannibals had captured Cynthia.

Receptionist: No, don’t start eating her until we get the rest. If anyone chops a piece of her flesh before finding the others, I will kill him.

Devour: Tokyo, we have to do something. Do you see that window above your head? Move to the rooftop and see whether there is any oncoming boat.

Tokyo: Yes I can see a patrol boat on the horizon. It is coming towards our boat.

Devour: Good, I will let the cannibals find me so that you get a chance to escape and call for help. Make sure it works out, otherwise they will kill me.

After completing his statement, he jumped to the floor where one of the cannibals captured him and chopped one of his fingers. I could hear Devour’s sharp scream. After a short while, the cannibals found Berlin in a box.

Receptionist: Don’t freak friend, we are already full, and we will only need more tomorrow. “Tie him up and lock them in the store” (She instructed heraccomplices).

While the cannibals were busy trying to lock Devour and Cynthia in the store, Tokyo managed to move to the roof and raised the alarm. One of the cannibals heard Tokyo and moved to the rooftop and started shooting at him. Sensing danger, he jumped to the water and started swimming towards the boat. The occupants of the boat saw the commotion and rescued him. He narrated the ordeal and the attack by cannibals to them. The rescuers took action immediately by calling local patrol officers who moved and seized the boat and later rescued us.

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