The Existence of God

The theories surrounding the existence of God have received numerous controversial views. It provides a dynamic relationship between different contributions regarding the universe. Grey’s thesis is one of the exemplary context demonstrating the original perspective that reflects the intelligence of God. Based on the explanations provided through the theory, it is evident that many theorists have attributed the nature of the universe to the supernatural beings. However, with the aspect of different religious perspectives, it is evident that Gray’s thesis focuses on God as the creator and the planner of the universe. The universe has original context with pre-organized nature. It is true that the universe is an organized world. In fact, it is one of the most and precisely developed systems whose creations tend to exist in an orderly way. Despite different controversial views presented by the theorist, Omnipresence aspect of God is evident through the design of the universe. While many perspectives offered by the atheist tend to oppose supernatural organization of the world, it is evident that God perfected this, by the nature of the organization,  visible in the universe.

Apart from the Grays thesis, most of the religious theorist and groups believe in the existence of a supernatural being. Even though they have different creation stories, and belief in different supernatural creatures, it is evident that the superpower being is in charge of creating order in the universe. A similar explanation is apparent through the work of many theorists. For example, the teleological arguments provide a precise understanding of how the process occurred. For example, it improves the existence of a deity. It presents the evidence about God   It precisely outlines the fact that the origin of human must have been through an organized system rather than other aspects theorized by science. It, therefore, tend to outdo the fact that humans evolved or instead originated from the skeleton or other aspects of natural evolution.

Consequently, it outlines that human artifact results from intelligent design thus have different purposes. Besides the universe is described as a place that resembles human artifact. Therefore, it has a meaning. However, the entire world is more complicated as compared to the social object. Thus, the kind or nature has a vastly intelligent designer

Based on William’s Paley’s argument, it is evident that their theories provide dynamic aspects that explain the context of life-based on natural experiences and other aspects surrounding his life. Through the watchmaker analogy, he describes the different background of the existence of one God rather than several gods. The watchmaker is thus referred to as God.

Therefore, the argument provided by Paley ‘s further supports the existence of the supernatural being. It is with a similar ground of understanding that the prominent scientist, Isaac Newton, and Rene Descartes explained their physical laws which had been uncovered by Paley. Similarly, Paley’s work had revealed the dominant mechanical perfection of the workings of the universe to linked to the watchmaker. Besides, some of the scientists have endorsed Paley in different ways. For example, Charles Darwin, an evolutionary scientist had supported his findings and work. He praised him for the strong logical beliefs in God as the designer of the universe.

The work of Newton appreciates the arguments provided regarding heaven and earth. For example, the aspect of gravitational explanations provides the correlations between the heavenly world and the ground. Therefore, the regulative of the heavenly and earthly bodies suggests some pre-established mechanism that explains the principles beyond the occurrence of gravitational forces. Besides, many other aspects described by the scientist tend to agree with the pre-existence of the natural laws.

Hume Edwards provides a context that further explains the fact that the designs of God cause organization of the earth. For example, he outlines that the universe has internal causal explanations that obviate the need for a transcendent cause. Besides, he argued based on cosmological aspect where he believes that its exists through transcendent characters that connect pre existing activities with the present.

Therefore, William Paley is correct through different arguments provided through his work The watchmaker; argument has had a significant impact especially to the atheist. It is one of the theories that utilizes observation with a keen interest in developing the relationship between the organization of the universe, and the universe.  Besides,  it outlines the dynamic nature of the world and how everything is brought together with the aim of providing meaning in the understanding of life.

The creative in  the universe has received, different context and theories that explain it. The Judeo Christianity explains it different as compared to the Eastern religion such as Hinduism and Buddhism. However, all of them appreciate some level o the fact that the creator is an organized being whose plans to meet the desired nature of the world and the universe. Paley provides a picture of how God plans the universe and provides an explanation of how different factors such as the organization of the planetary system and the existence of supernatural activities. They are the core factor that contributes to the nature and organization of the universe.

Apart from Paley’s explanations its is evident that the universe has dynamic occurrence such as seasons cosmology and other aspects such as lunar courses whose periodic phenomena have not been well-defined through science. This, therefore,  provides some explanations engaged at the organization that Paley explains. On the other hand, scientist tends to relate the physical laws, biological and chemical mechanism behind the earth’s existence and occurrence of the universe. They have not been able to establish the context of civilization without the support of internal facts that do not exist in the physical law. Therefore, this provides a room to focus and the Paleys theories on the existence and the impact of the work of God.

Paley’s arguments, however, have been, challenged  by other, theorist The Kalam cosmological argument also provides some connection between cosmological argument and the existence of God. The theory was then formulated by Craig which argued against the possibility of the existence of infinities. It thus provides a different aspect that brings an understanding of the personality agents involved in the creation of the universe. Therefore, it is through the influence of a creator that the world comes into being. The impossibility of the actual finite distinguishes his arguments Tomas Aquinas which argued that it is impossible to have an ordered infinite regress. However, the cases provides the support of the fact that the universe does not only rely on the context of the physical laws. Instead, it has the creators designer and a planner. Without the pre-existence of an organized nature then the aspect of physical and cosmological explanations of the universe could not have existed.

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