The fall of Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth is one of the most famous and frightening female characters. Just at the first encounter, she is already plotting at killing Duncan. She represents a woman who is energetic, ruthless, and ambitious. In the description that has been offered by her husband, he argues that she is a man in a woman clothing. It is surprising that she goes to the level of pushing Macbeth into committing murder. She goes ahead to wish that she could even be a man so that she could do the killing herself.  However, one can argue that Shakespeare seems to use her and the witches to drive the point that society can still exist without men. He seems to drive the point that women can even have a strong will than their male counterparts.

I make a man out of you Mulan Act 2

In act one several scenes show the craftiness of Lady Macbeth. She is crafty to the level that she seems to depict women in a unique way that one might not expect. One can see that she seems to be so overwhelmed with the idea of Macbeth being a king that she is ready to go to length to have him get it. It is quite clear; here that she is not trying to act like a lady but instead trying to bring out the strong will that seems inert in her. It is good that in this act Shakespeare Cleary set the stage for what we should expect of Macbeth. This music thus seeks to bring out the strong will that is in Macbeth. She aims to make his husband great.

Guilty- Marina and Diamonds Act 2

In the second Act finally, Macbeth kills Duncan. It is evident that Lady Macbeth’s plans have come to the realization. However, one thing that seems too peculiar here is how the murder is executed. Lady Macbeth seems concerned with the details that she has to ensure that everything goes as planned. Even when Macbeth forgets the daggers, she provides that she has to put them in place. However, one thing that emerges is that she is not able to kill the king. He reminded her of her father. It is thus clear to mention that her gentle personality still comes out in this act. However, she is always focused on achieving her dreams. The song is about being guilty and could well represent the guilty that Lady Macbeth feels after trying to kill Duncan.

Secrets One Republic Act 3

This act reflects on their actions about Lady Macbeth. First Macbeth starts feeling guilty of her actions. However her guilty is no longer living since soon she is wondering why Macbeth is stressed. She still has so much influence on her husband and wants him to continue with their secret plans. It is a clear case of a woman that does not stop at anything to get whatever she wants. She is the one who helps Macbeth to plan the murder of Banquos. In these cases, it is the clear evidence of how the firm will in a woman combined the quest for greatness can drive people to crazy lengths.  The song will represent the secrets that both the Lady and Macbeth have about their plans.

Disturbia Rihanna; Act 5

The last act focuses on the fall of Lady Macbeth. After she gets in trounce, she sees that her hands are bloody. It is a result of the actions that she has been committing from the first act. Although Shakespeare was thinking of presenting the power of a woman, it only ends up destroying. Not only does it kill her but it even goes ahead to destroy Macbeth too. It is quite surprising that the efforts and the bravery that she put on did not eventually succeed. The song brings out the aspect of Lady Macbeth going crazy at the end of the act. She was unable to deal with the guilt of her husband, and finally, she kills herself.



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