The feminist theory

The feminist theory is a theory that advocates for the equality and equity of both men and women stating that the two should be treated as equal human beings. The theory is founded on some basic principles which are the cornerstones where the theory stands (Allen, 2018). Among the principles of this theory include the following:  there should be freedom to make a choice by all genders, there should be equality where both men and women are given equal treatment in all areas, gender stratification should be done away with, and there should be a lasting solution to sexual violence, and instead sexual freedom be upheld.

These principles are consistent with the NASW code of ethics especially by complying with the principle of a preamble. (Ethics & English, 2019) This principle focuses on the mission of the social workers whereby it identifies the primary mission as being that of enhancing the well being of all humans. The feminist theory, however, fights to improve the well being of the feminine gender.

During my internship, I worked with the mother of a teenage girl who was in high school. Her daughter’s performance at school was deteriorating because of the anxiety she had about the place where the society placed her as a girl. She was worried that her society treated the feminine gender as second class citizens. I counseled her to let her daughter know that there are laws that call for equal treatment of all genders.

The ethical standard as per NASW that could apply to my client was that of cultural awareness and social diversity. The awareness part of it would come in by informing the client of the existence of laws promoting the equality of both men and women (Allen, 2018). The theory is consistent with the work I did as it sought to enhance the well being of the client’s daughter. Similarly, it is consistent with the standard of cultural awareness and social diversity by informing the client about their rights.



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