The Gaming Industry

The onset of the gaming industry dates back to the `1970s when it moved from an indoor activity and became evident in the mainstream. Its evolutionwas facilitated by the invention of new technologysuch as the Gameboy, the advancement in 3D graphics, and the improvement in the computers processing speeds. The emerging issues have also been influenced by the introduction of the internet which now supports online gaming, as well as, the rise of the online casinos. The popularity and the success being witnessed in the gaming industry is mainly attributed to the advancement in technology, as demonstrated in the way it has enhanced interaction of the game players and  accessibilityof the video games

The internets has created a platform where online video gamerscan interact and share information regarding game mechanics. It allows gamers to share information on how to defeat the opponent team.Therefore, it creates awareness about a specific game thereby attracting more players. Moreover, their others such as, the MMORPG games, which allows more people to interactwhile playing the game. The rise of the internet allowed game developers to make the games available digitally, which facilitates the cut in the production cost. The internet has allowed gamers to purchase the limited version of the games and pay for the subsequent levels or download them for free

The industry has also received support from the government and organizations in industries working in collaboration with the gaming industry.For example, the Games lab program in England, helps the small enterprises in the gaming industry to improve their skills and develop games faster. This has also been the case with individuals with the ability to develop games, but they lack the required resources. Such organizations support the technical innovation in the industry which has significantly aided the growth in the gaming industry, provision of resources to firms and individuals boost innovations and enhances designing of games that are more captivating and meets the needs of their clients

The easier accessibility of video games has also resulted in the popularity of the gaming industry.  Initially, one had to have a game box to access a given game, but the introduction of the internet has made companies dealing in the production to create more platforms where the game lovers can visit and easily download the games at free for a given cost. Again, the platforms have enabled access to information about the games which enables the players to select the games that meet the specifications that they need. Sharing information about the games on the platforms also enhances awareness and accessibility of the games

In conclusion, the rise in technology has been the reason for the transformation in the gaming industry. The rise of the internet, for instance, has enabled the game lovers to easily access the games they would like to play. Moreover, online gaming has created a community of gamers, thus, facilitating the exchange of information regarding how to go about the game mechanics to defeat the opponent. Such information has been vital in promoting awareness about a specific game, and consequently, attract more players. The support the industry has gotten from the governments’ has also enabledthose with the capability to develop more creative games to do so cheaply and faster.

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