The gospel of Wealth

The main problem that human race experiences are the administration of wealth which has a harmonious tie between the rich and the poor. Several attempts have been put in place to explain the relationship between civic responsibility and financial status. The changes have been of great importance as they try to explain transitions that have existed due to civilization. The paper focuses to justify state and responsibility financially.

The Central Truth

According to Carnegie, some people are more financially fortunate than others because of the conditions of affair where race gives promotion to the best interests (Carnegie 78). Similarly, he concludes that accepting conditions the way they are, gives others opportunities to make explicit exploration and survey on proper modes of wealth administration.

Civic Responsibility and Financial Status

Carnegie argues that regardless of one’s financial status, one must maintain an exemplary responsibility within his or her area of jurisdiction (Carnegie 55). Every family must ensure that wealth does not deter them from exploring their civic duty. Every person who has excellent hoardings in their lives always have a right end. However, when wealth meets civic responsibility, it allows for proper admiration and disposing of fortunes that a person or a government may have. Conversely, if it fails to meet civic duty, many families and races are met with challenges in wealth dispositions as well as the possible successor. Notably, wealth dictates the availability of Maecenas in a civilized world.

Finally, a stronger sense of responsibility induces an influential work that enables the rich to make proper attention to the administration of their wealth during their lives, which at the end gives the society a fruitful view of people around them. Similarly, a stronger sense of responsibility ensures equal distribution of wealth as well as comprehensive reconciliation between the poor and the rich for a possible civilization at the end.


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