The Great Gatsby Novel


The Great Gatsby novel was written in 1925 and published by the Scribner’s.Its Author F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American who was from the United States. Besides the Great Gatsby, he wrote other books such as The Beautiful Damned and the Tender is the Night.The novel portrays several themes such as love, dreams, and tragedy.It is mainly a story of thwarted love between a man and a woman. However, any literature student should be able to see that the novel is not merely about love or friendship but the decline of the American dream in the 1920s.

In as much as the characters in the book may seem to have it all, they experience great disillusionment. They practice immoral behavior which of course lead to their disappointment. During the party at Myrtle’s small apartment, Nick unwillingly becomes part of Tom’s deception.This makes the beginning of his disillusionment which later on leads to his involvement in many sordid affairs of the other characters. During this party, he meets Tom, Daisy, and Jordan.Daisy makes remarks that refer to her unhappiness even though she tries to put a facade of happiness.After Gatsby leaves for the military work, Daisy gets married to Tom since she is disillusioned about his money. She only realizes she is after his money after she founds his teaching. Her immoral behaviors led to her disillusionment since she thinks money can buy it all.

In the modern world, people are expected to abide by the law which means they should not engage in immoral practices. People who are vicious are supposed to be guided by reason since they act on the right decisions and not merely their non-rational desires.People have different ways of appealing to vices in the modern world.

Individuals who are non-vicious most often go through a lot of disappointments in life., The reason for this is most of the times they do not make sound decisions which ultimately lead to disappointment.In the Great Gatsby, the disillusionment of the characters that were brought about by their immoral behavior leads to their frustrations.Daisy immoral behaviors led to disappointment after finding out that her husband Tom is teaching.Nicks realizes the secrets that they shared in the darkening streets which reflects the large –scale disappointment facade later on by other characters such as Nick.


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