The Happiness Machines

The Happiness Machines

The uses of messages that appeal to human desires are incredibly efficient in sales and marketing. However, the use of these messages is unethical and unjust. This is because one might end up investing in something that they do not need and cannot afford. These messages are in no way intended at protecting the rights of the consumers but instead exploiting them by arousing their emotions on something that they would not have bought on an ideal day. An excellent example of the way these messages are used to manipulate clients is the case of high-pressure sales in fractional ownership. The sales process, in this case, is aimed at exploiting the client’s emotions. The presentations are designed in a manner that the presenters give the clients the disadvantages of not going on holiday which include losing touch with the kids and being left by the wives. They then provide them with an alternative which they are expected to invest in immediately.

What I Want to Learn in Class

I would want to understand how the relationship between money and the media control the dynamics of power in the United States. I would also like to understand the relationship between leadership and money and the way the use of money has been used to elevate someone to the positions of power. These topics are relevant because they may be the reason as to why the country has the current crop of leaders and may mean that the public may be playing a minimal role in choosing a leader. The US presidential campaigns have been marred with accusations of media manipulation of public opinion by the way they do their coverage. There have also been accusations of voter bribery. To achieve this, I intend on being active in my class sessions and do my research on these topics to understand them deeper.

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