The Ice Cream Sandwich Campaign

The Ice Cream Sandwich Campaign

The ice cream Sandwich is a campaign that was circulated in YouTube to help in targeting and educating its customers. For the lovers of Sand witches, the campaign has been helpful and instrumental in increasing the number of consumers. Most people have a feeling that sandwiches are expensive but after the attack, the number of customers increased by 54%. The campaign will help significantly in doing away with the traditional means of production while introducing modern methods to the new ways of production. Therefore, the video focused on catching the attention of its customers by 80% (Al-Dmour et al. 2016).

The campaign has influenced many people to turn into the production and usage of the sandwiches. The YouTube campaign has a massive following because; it can access by many people. On the other hand, the steps to the production of sandwiches are highlighted to help in giving out the recipes (Al-Dmour et al. 2016). This will be an easy method to follow thus reducing any form of misconception of the given tactics.

The success of the sandwiches production is measured through the number of people who started consuming it. Also, the rate of Sandwich turnover in the production firms is another evaluation method.  For instance, initially most shops used to sell around 20-30 sandwiches but after the introduction of the online campaign, the number increased by 40% (Gensler et al. 2015). The survey that was conducted proved that the attack was 100% effective and it will help in making the product known and increase the customer and revenue by the end of the day.

After the full analysis of the whole process, I will wish to recommend that the online campaign continues for a long duration. This is because different people access online at different times. Also, I will want to the drive to be conducted the rough other social media channels (Gensler et al. 2015). This is because the total populations that can access online are very few, but if the media coverage is expanded, the customer base will increase. Therefore, the total number of sandwiches and even the lovers will increase significantly meaning that the revenues will increase.

During the online campaign, one should be careful not to taint other companies’ products to promote theirs. Instead, it should be carried as if it’s the only online advertising company. This will be more ethical concerning the advertisement. If the moral rules are violated, this will call for severe legal effects to the relevant members of the staff (Gensler et al. 2015). During the advertisement, one should ensure that they will go hand in hand to the various traditional cultures. This will give the campaign some form of confidence in capturing some customers who will later do away with their current conventional cultures to embrace modern technology.

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