The Immigration Issue as Depicted in A Better Life

The Immigration Issue as Depicted in A Better Life

The heated and sometimes, the odious debate regarding immigrants in America is depressing. I often see them as people, but the law views them as statistics. The purpose of the current paper is to present a persuasive argument that immigrants are people based on the movie, A Better Life.

Immigrants relocate to America in search of the American dream- a better life. Countless movies are depicting the experience of illegal immigrants such as “The Border.” To them, it is all that matters. For example, in the film, Carlos (the main character) is depicted as an individual striving to make it in America by doing odd jobs and encouraging his son to live the better life (Eason and Simon). He ensures his son attends high school and stays away from any gang affiliations.

Immigrants, also strive to be good citizens to avoid deportation. I often argue with my friends that immigrants prefer being on the right side of the law and live within specified values. My argument concurs with the events in the movie. Carlos’ truck is stolen at one point, and instead of reporting the matter to the authorities, he decides to search for it (Eason and Simon). The need to do so is that he limits his chances of being deported.

Immigrants’ tenacity to make it in America thrives with cautious decision-making. In the movie, Carlos decides to take up a loan from his sister to purchase the truck from his former employer. I often empathize with immigrants since deportation issues limit their ability to risk it all and become what they dream.

I wish to research, and critics could elucidate further the issues that immigrants go through in the country based on such movies. They should emphasize on the tolerance and issues they face holistically.


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