The impacts of media on child development

The impacts of media on child development


There has been a growing debate over the excessive use of media among child. While forms of media such as the television, video games, and the internet continue to integrate with every family as a basic need, the question of how the media impacts on children’s behavior, personality and growth has attracted more research and assessment of media programs. Generally, media is a medium of socialization, thus have a direct impact on a child’s cognitive development.


The introduction follows the Inverted Triangle style. The introduction method is appropriate in the essay because the topic looks at the impacts of media on socialization in a broader way, then narrows down to the development of children. Since the growing use of media among children is accessible to almost everyone, generalization while introducing the topic would the readers’ attention, then get specific in the body of the research.

Paying attention to the broader society, the study identifies perceptions held by the public about the use of media. Subsequently, the research makes key findings focusing on specific development aspects of the child, which cognitive development and other related outcomes including the ability to read and write.