The Importance of E-Commerce Protection Law in the Saudi Market

The Importance of E-Commerce Protection Law in the Saudi Market

Limitation and Scope of the Study

The study will focus on the e-commerce platforms and how they should protect the interest of investors as well as buyers within their target market. Although e-commerce must operate within legal policies and regulation, the study will determine and elaborate on the critical protection laws that are laid across by the government of Saudi Arabia to govern e-commerce. Also, the research will develop on how the government and international markets prioritize and safeguard the confidentiality of the e-commerce stakeholders. The study is limited to the measures suitable for adoption by online traders to provide guaranteed security for their transactions (Makki& Chang, 2015).

It is appropriate to determine the responsibilities of internet service providers alongside e-commerce operators to meet the consumers’ interests. Extensively, the evaluation will assess the existing difference between transaction modes in traditional and e-commerce platforms; hence, determining the arising legal issues from e-commerce that escalates the regulation need (Al-Somali et al., 2015). In general, this research will evaluate the importance and efficiency of e-commerce laws designed by the Saudi Arabian government alongside consumer awareness about their rights as stipulated within e-commerce laws.


H1:      E-commerce laws established by the government of Saudi Arabia and international markets are likely to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of e-commerce stakeholders as well as consumers.

H2:      E-Commerce consumerstend to know about their enshrined rights and freedoms to maximize the utilization of the online platform.


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