The Isolated

Derek Masha was a sophomore student at Gilead high school in California. Derek was the most popular student in school for he was the student president, the son to the school football coach however he did not play the sport and also he dated the head cheerleader in school, Marina. As one walked around Gilead high school, they could see the various photos in the school which were filled with Derek’s face. Marina was a medium height girl who was the only daughter to the town millionaire, Ricardo. Marina possessed the most expensive clothes and regularly invited people to her parent’s house for parties. The relationship between Marina and Derek seemed strange for Derek was viewed as a calm student who worked hard to gain all the success he had in school. On the other hand, Marina was popular because of her famous father and regularly bullied fellow students.

Derek was a planner who set down plans for each week and ensured that he achieved them at all costs. Marina was at times disappointed that Derek declined to come to some of her house parties because he wanted to study for a test or finish an assignment. When Marina could no longer tolerate Derek’s behavior, she decided to spread some negative rumors about him in school. The rumors were that Derek got high grades because his father was the coach and also, he was a drug addict. In Gilead, high school drug abuse was unheard of for the teachers and students understood the effects of drugs misuse. Within a short time, Derek became the most despised student in school. The students requested that Derek gets removed from been the student president position and they elected Marina.

The negative reputation in school affected Derek’s health such that he sank into depression. He refused to attend school for two months which forced his parents to home school him. However, after counseling, Derek decided to return to school and focus on his education. Even though the rest of the year he felt isolated from the rest of the students, he worked hard. Derek graduated with the highest GPA in school and received an acceptance letter from Oxford University. Derek later met Marina and told her that he forgave her; however, their friendship did not exist anymore.