The Market Will have You: The arts of market attachment in the digital economy

The Market Will have You: The arts of market attachment in the digital economy

According to (McFall and Deville 2019), since the invention of digital internet marketing has been on an exponential increase leading to substantial growth of the digital economy. The author of this paper has some opinions on what it means to say that the market will have you finally concluding that it is the market that is the ultimate determinant of how a business performs. Companies highly involved in digital marketing are continuing to make strides that will inform the future of digital marketing. This is evident in the patenting of ‘anticipatory shipping’ by Amazon, which is a logistics system designed to ship products even before the customer makes a purchase. This article finds that for a company to succeed, they must master the art of market attachment within the digital economy which helps to create awareness and a digital presence.

Digital Globalization: The New Era of Global Flows

Due to the internet, the world is now a global community, and with every passing day, the world is becoming more interconnected. For the first time in history, emerging economies have become counterparts in over half of the global trade flows with South_South trade being the fastest growing type of connection. The author is keen to outline that the physical flow of goods and finances has lost its momentum with the digital flow of commerce, information, searches, video, communication and intracompany traffic continue to be on a surge. Digital technology has helped small companies become ‘micro-multinationals’ by making use of digital platforms like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba to mention a few (McKinsey & Company 2019). The article finds that it is crucial for companies to become digitized and join the global digital market to keep making money and remain relevant. However, to do this companies need to reinvent themselves within the global digital market to find their market niche within it. Reinvention takes a lot of aspects of working together, but one of the most critical elements in ensuring the company is prepared for any new risk that may occur.

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