The Meaning of Life

Many at times you may find yourself asking this question once or twice, if not a thousand times. Many individuals may find it hard to define what life is. The common human being would describe life as the events that take place between birth and death, although, this is not true, as will be visibly be outlined in this article. Many will define life as a journey, a grand adventure or a tour of duty. I think that life is a journey, an opportunity to walk the path and see where we end up. This article will try to define life, concentrating mostly on the human life as the main topic of discussion because human beings have the sixth sense, popularly known as intelligence.

Some believe that by default, life starts when one is born, it continues on Earth as it grows and multiplies, then finally stop at death which many believe is the final stage of life. To get a better understanding of the meaning of life, life is divided into three parts. The three stages of life include; life before birth, life between the period birth and death, and finally, life after death. Now, let’s look at the three aspects of life with a philosophical and also scientific point of view.

 Life before Birth

We should have the ability to visualize a status beyond space, time and preservation rules once he/she knows the situation of life before birth. It is only during birth that life enters the physical universe, which is made up of space, time and conservation laws. Naturally, life before birth is devoid of any physical matter, but all plans are already coded in a plane above the physical universe which is triggered as birth takes place according to the secret code already embellished. The fact that life is continuously generated in various forms of living beings leads us to think that there should be a “plane” which stores all the secrets of life.

The originator should enclose the entire genetic code in a restrained form. The plane is given the name, “Master Intelligence Plan,” which implies that the secret code is inscribed in the form of a “plan” which will reveal later in time as life continues. According to Erwin Schrodinger, is not much different from intelligence. In other words, only intellectual beings actually ‘live,’ man of them possessing the highest form of intellect.

Life between Birth and Death

Many people believe that life begins when one is born. This might not be entirely true reason being that, biologically speaking, when one is still in his/her mother’s womb, he/she has a life. From the Buddhist perception, life and death are two phases of a gamut. Life does not begin at birth nor does it end at death. So once we are born, our lives continue but in a different environment and various factors, and this is where we start making choices that will determine how we will save our lives. Karma does not direct our lives, but our vow or our sense of mission. In other words, what we want to achieve in life.

Life after Death

According to religious leaders and different scriptures, there is death only for the physical body but the scheme behind it known as Soul never dies. Also, the Hindu Philosophy has put a KARMA theory that suggests that life goes on to the next birth. Here’s an explanation of how life goes to future lives.

According to Erwin Schrodinger book, “what is life,” life only travels through the secret code written in genes, transformed from the Master Intelligent plan through DNAs and RNAs. The genes are transferred throughout life itself, to the forthcoming generations. Biologically, the forward transmission of RNA and DNA by imitation constitutes the transformation carrying over the genetic codes of life into future lives. On the one hand, a newborn baby obtains a life from the genes inherited, and on the other, the baby expands its intelligence through education and various experiences, etc. During its life period, it transfers that code by further reproduction.

The secret code inscribed in the genes does not die. They are transferred on to different generations and live eternally. So, is there life after death? This question continues to consume us even today. Although many have come up with different proofs that there is life after death, none seem to convince us that there is life after death. So the question remains; is there life after death? We recognize the fundamental interruption that death represents. In a moment, our memories, our experiences, our personality all seem to disappear. With our last breath, we seize to exist. The question haunted our earliest ancestors, and the answer to it remains exclusive.

What Makes Life Meaningful?

In my opinion, there are three components which make life meaningful. They are;

First, we should have something that requires our full attention. We should have something important that obliges us to wake up every day and find a useful purpose in the world that we have a passion for. This gives us a substantial reason to live and gives meaning to our lives. Secondly, Friends and family. According to Victor Frankl, life is best lived in a community and therefore, relationships matter. To experience a profound sense of meaning in our lives, we need to surround ourselves with people who show us love and treat us with a lot of compassion. As human beings we all need love and love definitely, adds more meaning to our lives. And lastly, a redeeming perspective on our travel. Life is full of difficulties and sometimes even misfortunes. To experience meaning, we must redeem these problems by finding a perspective on them that improves our lives. (Viktor Frankl. 1995).To have a meaningful life, we need to redeem ourselves from these tragedies.

Life is what you make it

The beauty of life grows from the great variety of its expression. Likewise, in the human society, the varied nature of our struggles and triumph, the great variety of ways in which our lives takes shape and come to an end, and when we win, the sufferings of life is revealed as significant and appreciated. So, in my opinion, life is what we make it. Life can either be meaningful, or meaningless.

In general, if you are looking for meaning in your life, then, in my opinion, the answer is simple. Life is what you make it! Our lives are not all the same. We don’t live similar lives. Everyone lives a life that he/she has chosen to live. The choices you make in your life will determine what kind of life you will live. And your actions will determine the type of person you are. To back this up, Robert Fritz says, “If you limit your choices only to what appears probable or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truthfully want, and all that is left is compromised.”


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