The Media in the Society

The media plays a requisite role in the society when it comes to passing information to people in different demographics. It creates an opportunity for them to be educated in one way or another. This is more prevalent in the event when there is the provision of all the relevant facts regarding an issue that is likely to affect the target audience. People get an opportunity to construct their opinion based on the facts provided. There are those that even recant their previous opinions based on the new knowledge acquired regarding the issue.  Others tend to get more information to add to their arguments.

However, this is not necessarily the case in the current state of the media outlets. There is a lot of bias taking place, where the information provided seems to lean towards one side of the issue being discussed. This makes it grueling for the media to provide all the relevant facts regarding that particular issue. Most of the information provided is more inclined towards what the media wants the people to believe. As a result, the masses form their opinion based on inconclusive facts, and this might be detrimental while moving forward as a nation (Nava & Dawidoff 7).

The media has problems while dealing with issues regarding the faith of the audience. Among the problems that the media encounters is the desire to please its audience. E

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