The Mission and Vision Statements of Saudi Electricity Company

The Mission and Vision Statements of Saudi Electricity Company


This research is a review of the mission and vision statement of SEC (Saudi-Electric-Company). As such, the paper critically analyses the main characteristics of a vision and mission statement.

SEC’s Mission and Vision Statement

It is essential for each organization to have a mission and vision statement. A mission statement is a critical HRM (Human-Resource-Management) tool that defines the purpose and overall intention of an organization to employees and stakeholders  (Leuthesser&Kohli, 2015).  Furthermore, it determines a firm’s direction, provides a decision-making template, shapes change and facilitates continuous evaluation and improvement (Leuthesser&Kohli, 2015). For instance, we power the Kingdom that energizes the world (SEC, 2019), is the mission statement of SEC (Saudi-Electricity-Company). Aguinis (2013) notes that a strong mission statement must mention the products or services offered by a company and identify the customer base or primary market it serves. The characteristic also includes unique product/services provided as well as the technology used in the production process (Aguinis, 2013). Other essential features include the company's managerial philosophy, public perception, and self-concept used by employees (Aguinis, 2013). Moreover, mission statements must be brief, verifiable and based on a specific timeline (Aguinis, 2013). Generally, SEC's mission statement communicates the direction and purpose of the company despite lacking features such as the technology used and employees' self-concept and managerial philosophy.

Besides focusing on the current activities, it is essential for an organization to envisage its future. As such, Leuthesser and Kohli (2015) point out that a vision statement provides direction to all workers and other people on how an organization will look in the future. To enable employees to achieve the future aspirations of the electricity company, SEC (2019) notes that the company has adapted to serve its clients and Saudi Arabia by providing excellent power services as its vision. Aguinis (2013) points out that a strong vision statement must be understandable, focused, inspiring and identifies goals that cannot be attained easily. Apart from lacking stretch, SEC depicts its future desire by using a clear, motivating and focused vision statement. Therefore, through the vision statement, it is easy for all employees to focus their efforts on enabling SEC to serve all residents in UKSA (United-Kingdom-of-Saudi-Arabia) and provide outstanding services.

Gaps Identified in the Mission and Vision Statement

It is impossible for every characteristic to be captured in a mission statement, mainly because such tools must be brief. For instance, Aguinis (2013) points out that a mission statement mus

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