The Moreno V. Hanford Sentine Case

The Moreno V. Hanford Sentine Case

The Moreno V. Hanford Sentine case is a case that involved a student known as Cynthia Moreno who was a student. The student published a journal about a city of Coalinga, and the people and the comments of the journal were negative. In about six days, Moreno deleted the post, but a principal of one of the schools in the town took the article and made it get published in a newspaper which included the full names that did not appear in the article. Due to this publication, the lives of Moreno and family were threatened.  The family received threats from the public, and also their home had shot fire. Due to these threats, the Moreno’s family was forced to close the business and move away from the town for their safety.  Due to this Moreno filed a complaint since according to her privacy had been invaded and the invasion resulted in infliction of the emotions intentionally. However, when the case was presented to the court, the court rejected the theory of Moreno claiming that the newspaper did not violate the privacy rights. According to the court, Moreno made her article public when she posted it on the internet since she made it available to any person who had a computer and internet access. According to Moreno, the post was supposed to be seen by few, who included family and friends.

The laws that were considered to be violated in this case were the privacy laws.  Moreno’s private information such as her full name that never appeared in the journal appeared in the newspaper. Also, Moreno considered that the information was private to her and therefore the principal who got the journal to the paper without the consent of Cynthia Moreno violated privacy laws. Also, the issue can be related to employment laws in which an employee can post information about the employer on social media as a way of revenge.   The employer can respond to this act by posting the private information about the employee, and this would result in the violation of the privacy laws that are meant to protect the private information of an individual.

This case was based on the violation of privacy laws since it was Moreno who sued Hanford Sentine for publishing her journal and including her full names in the publication which threatened her life and lives of the family. On the other hand, the case may be related to defamation since Moreno posted an article on negative comments about the residents of the town.

In my opinion, I don’t agree with the ruling of the court. The reason is that the laws of the country define clearly the privacy laws and the penalties for the violation of the rules. In this case, the names of the person are exposed to the public along with the journal she had written.  The person who took the journal to the newspaper would have made the initiative of getting the consent of Cynthia Moreno to get the approval of the person. Also, considering other factors, due to the violation of privacy laws of the individuals, lives were threatened, and Moreno deserved to feel safe in the town.  However, she was supposed to receive some warnings against defaming the city since it is against the law of the country.


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