The Myth of Equality in Pursuit of Success

The Myth of Equality in Pursuit of Success

There is no equal opportunity at success in America. There never has been and never will be. So long as there exist socio-economic and political discrepancies in the society, a majority of the citizens will die not having reached their goal. The unfairness is notable even in the most basic of the rights of citizens like education. Not all students get the same quality of education. It all depends on one’s financial and racial background. Financially, those with the capacity to pay exorbitant fees especially for tertiary education, are better set to take advantage of career opportunities. However, a substantial number of children, especially from the colored populous, do not even graduate from high school because of financial constraints. Given that education is considered the key to success yet not all children own the key, it is safe to state that not everyone’s future will consist of a good job and living in a decent neighborhood.

Aside from education, racial inequality has derailed the success of many people in the USA. To date, racial prejudice is still at a high to the extent of prompting movements like Black Lives Matter. Most of these injustices date back to the colonial era where the whites enslaved black people. Despite reforms, most black and other people of color have not yet attained the socio-economic freedom enjoyed by whites. The cycle of poverty is furthered when the descendants of these minority races are unable to secure good incomes and social support that would guarantee their offspring a better chance of excelling in life. To date, the success of a black person is treated with suspicion. Worse still, many, especially those who have not received a proper education but thrived are assumed to be career criminals. If success is to be attained, then Americans must change their mindset of other races, although this is unlikely to happen soon.

Additionally, the incarceration issue has deprived a majority of citizens decent and successful lives. Ironically, most people are imprisoned for robbery and other illicit activities aimed at earning a living. Not justifying crime but it is probable that the criminals would not need to steal if they all lived the American dream. Worse still, with a criminal record, these individuals find it hard to secure decent jobs, which would keep them out of trouble and put them on a career ladder. However, they end up reverting to crime. Again, those who condemn criminals are aware of the acute employment issues but offer no alternatives for the citizens. Incarceration is a fueling factor in promoting discrepancies among the populous.

Equally, gender is significant in success. In the era of equality and equity, most organizations still pay women less money and have fewer opportunities than their counterparts. Not minding that the women are equally qualified and work the same hours as men. It is inexplicable why organizations will do not award just dues to all the workers for the same amount of work done. Women in industries like music complain that they have to work twice as hard as men to achieve half the men’s success. The notion holds true for many activities that women and men engage. To receive recognition, they have to bend over backward, contend with harassment, and not complain. Even after all the compromise, one would expect that women will finally be given their seat at the table, but in truth, it only disempowers this gender.

Finally, the economic disparity in the country is to blame. The top three wealthiest Americans control more wealth than the bottom 50% in the USA. The statistics allude to economic disparity, which is often linked to success. Looking at the three people, they can use their influence to make changes in policy and secure, powerful positions for their friends and loved ones in higher places at the expense of half the population. With such revelations, one does not need expert analysis to note that not all Americans are equal.

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