The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation 2010 is a very passionate article from an individual who is really worried about the direction which the country is taking in reference to healthy living. The rate of obesity has really shot up in the recent past with figures showing a 21% increase in obese adults and a 12% increase in children. The figures are not consistent in all classes with disparities existing in terms of race, age and gender. The article further identifies the causes of the surge of the rates of obesity with the main reasons being unhealthy eating and living habits, culture and genes. The article concludes by identifying ways of saving the dire situation through healthy eating habits, creation of a healthy environment, physical activeness and ensuring our teenagers among other means.

In the recent past the America Medical Association ruled that obesity was now considered as a disease a decision that caused mixed reactions. Lee M Kaplan’s article Why obesity must be considered a disease is in support of the ruling (2013). The decision to have obesity being addressed as a disease created a lot of media attention with each opinion maker such as Lee trying to have his opinion published while the social media was flooded with all types of opinions. The decision has however brought attention to the issue of obesity with the various opinion makers giving reasons why the decision was good or bad an action that has brought a lot of awareness of the issue at hand through the facts being fronted by each individual. This has led to ignorant individuals becoming aware of the issue at hand and taking the right decisions such as recognizing the plight of people with obesity and healthy eating habits.




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