The Patriot

Conflict Theory provides an assumption that society will always be in a different state due to the competition for limited resources.

  • This concept relates to the movie as one can see that from the film, the slave masters are wealthy and have power over slaves who are seen as less worthy individuals in society.
  • The slave master suppresses the slaves in any way possible to benefit from the available resources (The Patriot, 2000). The slave s work tirelessly in the fields, but it is their masters who get all the benefits.
  • Slaves live in dilapidated areas but when their master wanted to protect his children, he sends them in the house of his slaves, and that shows that even if the master is aware that his children could receive protection in slave houses than letting them say in his home.
  • There is also class conflict in which the poor and the rich have a different opinion about each other. In the movie, slave masters believe that the slaves should not enjoy quality life but work in the fields thus suppressing them (The Patriot, 2000)
  • On the other hand, slaves think that their masters are arrogant as they fail to notice that slaves are also human beings who deserve dignity.

Bureaucracies involve complex organizations that have strict rules and hierarchical authority structure that aims at maximizing efficiency.

  • Slaves are not as wealthy as their masters wealthy. Their masters control their lives, and they are not progressing in life.

Culture Relativism is the act of being able to understand the beliefs and values of other people without judging their culture(Bowie, 2015).

  • In the Patriot, despite the various cultural differences between the slaves and the white colonist, Benjamin seeks shelter for his children in a slave colony. He believes that his family has become a target and he needs to protect his family.
  • At the moment, he left for war and send his children to slave colonies, and he is sure that no one will look for his children in a slave’s house. He thus accepts the culture of the slaves to protect his family.
  • Benjamin goes beyond the belief that white colonists should not seek help from the slaves. The white colonists are superior in society and deserve to be treated with respect.

Agents of socialization are the influential factors that broaden our understanding of society.

  • The first agent is the family which we spend most of our childhood trying to shape our understanding of society(Seidman, 2016). Benjamin despite knowing the differences the slaves and the white colonists have, he still sends his children to stay with the slaves when he goes for war (The Patriot, 2000). It means that these childrenunderstand that slaves could be more dependable to protect them than the people they are used to spending their time within their home.
  • Another agent is the peers we relate with. The children of the slaves spent quality time together telling stories about their miserable lives. On the other hand, the children of the slave master also get to know each other as they share stories. The two groups thus have different opinions about society.

Socialization to gender entails understanding the behavior and attitude of specific sex which is usually male or female.

  • The film portrays Benjamin as a hero and other men who go into war thus the belief that men make crucial decisions in the society.

Symbolic interaction is how an individual’s actions reflect their interpretation of different meaning in life.

  • Benjamin knew that the slaves were kind-hearted individuals and he could trust them with his children.

Theoretical Perspectives are the assumptions made about reality that provide prior answers to the questions that individuals may have.

  • In the film, Benjamin and his family might have been target for war since the white colonist believed that Benjamin’s actions were contrary to their belief.



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